MAG Live Q&A Summary

Mike Gutmann - Zipper Interactive Vice President, and Ed Byrne Creative Director at Zipper Interactive answered the questions of MAG fans via live Q&A.Many details were revealed and confirmed. Some of them were:

* MAG is the official title name
* MAG is not going to be a downloadable title
* MAG will be free to play out of the box. No monthly fee.
* MAG will is set for a Fall 2009 release

Full list in the article

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DasBunker3275d ago (Edited 3275d ago )

i know what FPS ill be playin by the end of the year... MAG,uncharted 2 and LBP is all i need rest of the year then GOWIII ZomG

godmoney3275d ago

That's what they said :)

THC CELL3275d ago

Mag vs cod mag = winner

This game sounds better than cod 4 5 6 and killzone and halo
Sorry sorry but i think i will be playing mag for a very long time
Mag is awesome i can not wait to get my hands on it

QuackPot3275d ago

apart from the 256 players, what's in that list that would clearly put it ahead of Cod4 or Halo let alone what we expect of MW2 or know from OFP2, Arma 2 or BF:BC2.

I am a Sony fan and was looking forward to this game but it's getting way overhyped.

It will be a good game but apart from the number playing and better graphics, nothing shows it will be better than cod4 or mw2(which will be better than the original).

map size 1 square km. Wish they had based the game more on BF2(PC) or Warhawk rather than Killzone2, then they would have huge maps and truly awesome mp online gameplay with fully usable air/land vehicle. Oh well, bring on Arma2 and co.

woodwarrior3274d ago

What sets it apart from other shooters? Let's see.

1. A command structure.
2. A way to assign orders for subordinates in online.
3. An incentive system for following orders (follow orders, earn XP).
4. A persistent online universe where your factions victories/losses affect the outcome, and what weapons/abilities/skills your faction has access to.
5. Play as the same faction all the time. I beleive what they will do is allow you to create multiple characters, but your XP won't transfer from one character to another.

It looks like MAG is set to up the bar for squad-based tactical gameplay.

Don't get me wrong, it all looks terribly ambitious, but these are some REALLY good ideas, and if they pull off half of it, it will be awesome. In any case, I hope other devs take notice and start incorporating some of these features.

THC CELL3275d ago

hey all this game will convert x box losers to ps3
well we dont want ya really stay on halo that by the way the specs of this game tamps halo by miles

roflmuffins83275d ago

Some of the info here sounds a bit out of place. Being able to change factions in battle? In all the other interviews they said you create a character and stick with one faction.

Alcon3275d ago

I don't think you can change factions IN battle. But they did say that you could play with another faction only it would coust you EXP.

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