MyWii: Mario Power Tennis Review

MyWii writes: "Mario Tennis is the spin-off title from the Mario world that is crying out for a Wii instalment. While we're waiting for a new game built from the ground up for the Wii, the GameCube remake of Mario Power Tennis, as part of the New Play Control series, is the next best thing. I for one am a fan of Nintendo reviving some of their classic titles, updating the controls and visuals and introducing some new minor features to release them to the masses of Wii fans that may not have experienced the games when they were released the first time around. Mario Power Tennis hasn't benefited from its new controls, which are more likely to frustrate players of the original title than improve the experience for them. However, if you got into Wii Sports Tennis, or are willing to forget the principles behind the GCN control scheme and put in the time to master the Wii controls there's still some fun to be had here."

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