Sony Gives 64 million Gamers the Finger

This article comments on the repocutions of Sony's late play at securing PAL timed exclusivity for the upcoming Ghostbusters game. It reveals the anger at a media and retailer level, as well as for consumers.

"With all due respect to developer Terminal Reality, Ghostbusters isn't about to ship a million consoles. Nor is it suddenly going to do huge new numbers because it has a PS3 exclusive tag. Other than the hardest cores of the Sony Defence Force (check out our Idiot's Guide to Being a Sony Fanboy to learn more), we doubt the majority of current PS3 users will even care: it's not like the game utilizes the Cell Processor or something. The whole thing just stinks like Mr. Hanky."

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Whoooop3243d ago

Business is business... Giving the finger is for kids.

SlappingOysters3243d ago

how does Sony benefit from this? Really? It is not a console shifter... it seems like business is making consumers of someone elses business feel like crap and totall not compelled to invest in a Sony machine from spite alone.

I own a PS3, so I am sweet, but I am still upset for my fellow gamers

MAiKU3243d ago (Edited 3243d ago )

I own a ps3 and i say get over it. Ps3 owners had to deal with timed exclusives and we suffered from it on a morality front.

Sony makes the same move but with all the anger and vain we had to put up with in one fell swoop.

That my friends is what we call the epic comeback.

As OP stated "Business is business, the finger is for kids"

Final Fantasy XIII isn't timed exclusive, it is FREAKN' exclusive on the ps3 in japan only. And that day will devastate the competition, trust me.

This is one game guys, and it'll probably suck who knows?

sonarus3243d ago (Edited 3243d ago )

WTF. 360 gets timed exclusives all the fukin time. Sony owns the ghostbusters IP and they exercised their rights with the game. If it was microsoft they would have done they same thing. Whether or not they benefit from it is irrelevant. They have the right to promote their product anyway they want to. If you don't like it buy a ps3 or shut the fuk up

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Masta_fro3243d ago

whats going on man?

did i miss something? its just Ghostbusters for crying out loud!

Why is this such a big deal? I mean sony does own it so why are people so mad?...And who are these people?

and why am i asking all these questions?

have i gone mad?

should you continue reading my post?

have you gone mad?

and where in the world is Carmen Sandiego???

RememberThe3573243d ago

No, your going sane in a crazy world!

WildArmed3243d ago

being an insane rabid fanboy = being Sane on N4G.
If you do not belong to the above group, you are insane and you don't deserve to be here

:( *leaves*

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cayal3243d ago


wtf? That isn't even a word.

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IdleLeeSiuLung3243d ago

I think what the article is pointing at is the sudden disappointment for gamers that expected this game to be released within a month suddenly turning timed exclusive.

I kind of agree here, this is the worst kind of timed exclusive. Imagine, Street Fighter IV or Resident Evil 5 one month before release suddenly get's turned timed exclusive. I wonder what happens to the people that pre-ordered, that would piss me off. In some ways it is even a bigger slap in the face that it only applies to Europe.

It is not as if it was announced differently in advance. On the flip side, who really cares about this game that much? It isn't exactly GTA IV or RE5.

sonarus3243d ago (Edited 3243d ago )

exactly. I don't even care if its exclusive or not. But its ridiculous to see people trying to act like sony played foul. Its their job to make sony customers happy not xbox or wii owners

Aclay3243d ago

I don't recall all of the specifics, but last year there was some issue with the Publishing of GhostBusters, and that led to the game being delayed until 2009, and the game itself was put on hold.

After that happened the developers had to go through the process of finding a new publisher.... so I'm thinking that during that time, Sony must have made an agreement with the developers to publish the game in Europe... and then Atari agreed to publish it in all other territories. For all we know Microsoft COULD have decided to publish this game when the need for a publisher was in limbo, but they didn't and Sony seized the opportunity.

I have NO idea why Sony would want to publish a game like GhostBusters, but I imagine it's because the game was in development for the PS3, PS2, AND PSP. In terms of PS3 sales, Europe is a larger region for Sony than North America, so I think that might be another reason why they chose to publish it in Europe.

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vasilisk3243d ago (Edited 3243d ago )

Funny, I didn't know that this game was going to be the best selling game ever with 64 million copies...

Rock Bottom3243d ago

Man this is stupid, why would fanboy of both sides give this game as much attention, IT'S A FREAKEN MOVIE PORT for god's sake.

littletad3243d ago

Business is business, why do the disagrees seem to be more evident when Microsoft snags an exclusive?

Viper73243d ago

Sorry to say this but Microsoft has done this multiple times in last few years. Its nothing new in console war.

Still why such hate, its not X360 wouldnt get some ghostbusters goodies even tough later than Ps3 owners. Maybe bossibly with some exclusive content/dlc too.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi3243d ago

64million gamers just gave this article the finger

Bnet3433243d ago

lol Ghostbusters so what. This game isn't going to be that huge.

La Chance3243d ago (Edited 3243d ago )

about Ghostbusters a before this whole "exclusive" thing?L ets just carry on like that.

I dont know what all the fuss is about.

SlappingOysters3243d ago

Glad to see you read the article. With all the idiot fanboys above you trying to take as much offence as usual you are shining light that n4g has hope.

The rest of you sorry fools should starting asking questions of Sony and Atari and MS rather than giving crap to the one site with balls to say what a lot of people with playstations are thinking.

gaminoz3243d ago

"Microsoft is derided for its anti-gamer exclusivity deals, now Sony and Atari have sullied their name in the same fashion. Perhaps worse: at least we knew about the likes of Lost and Damned well in advance."

All are demonstrated a bunch of hypocrites in the end...

Well written and expressed article. And he's right: it makes NO sense except to piss people off. I mean, Ghostbusters? Really? That was my #1 AAA title for the year! Not.

GameGambits3243d ago

As an owner of all 3 consoles I want to bring sense into this discussion.

A) LMAO Ghostbusters game.(IDC if it's for wii, ps3, 360, pc whatever. It's just a rental at most. End of story.)
B) At least Sony is actually letting you know it's a timed exclusive unlike Microsoft that slaps the only on 360 title on it for a few months then lets it go to other platforms.
C) Look back at A
D) ???
E) Profit

Really anyone who cares about a Ghostbusters videogame at least this one should be shot in the head. The movies weren't even oscar worthy to say the least and the videogame knock off that looks almost close to a rental is getting panties in a bunch?

7thNightvolley3243d ago

now sony is playing just as MS... so i dont want no one to say "oh MS is a this or that" coz now sony is doing the same ... well MS started it anyway.. lool... let the dirt begin!!!

SaiyanFury3243d ago

Oh Sony gets a timed exclusive and all of a sudden Sony is in the wrong? We PS3 gamers have been getting the shaft from multiple companies developing on the 360 first and the PS3 after and nobody complained. Now that Sony has one game first, and all of a sudden Sony is the bad guy? Sheesh, internet journalism sure has a double standard.

SL1M DADDY3243d ago

Thanks to the user that submitted just enough information here to let me know that the author of the article is a little baby. MS has been securing timed and not so timed exclusives for the last few years and Sony does it once and what do we get? A whiny little baby crying over it. Gameplayer sucks arse anyway.

*SL1M DADDY gives Gameplayer the finger*

Nineball21123243d ago

WTH? Why all the drama by xbox fanboys? Geez, it's Ghostbusters... save your outrage for a game that might mean something.

Put on your big girl panties, and deal with it. It's not that long of an exclusitivity and it's not in all regions. This is probably the mildest form of exclusive content I've seen.

morganfell3243d ago

There are a lot of foxes on this board. Suddenly Ghostbusters is nothing but sour grapes.

And hypocrisy is flowing like a river. Microsoft is the king of payola. Bioshock anyone? Lost Planet 2? Mass Effect 2? Do we even need to keep going?

3243d ago
morganfell3243d ago (Edited 3243d ago )

What is hilarious is that Ghostbusters is a Sony property. They could have, and should have completely locked the 360 out of the picture.

One thing is for sure, gameplayer is one of the most idiotic collection of writers and editors ever.

caladbolg7773243d ago (Edited 3243d ago )

Is the author trying to get me to believe that there were 64 million gamers in PAL-regions who had plans to purchase Ghostbusters on non-Sony platforms?

Pfft. Add this site to the "never click again" list.

EDIT: Chris Stead, the author of this flamebait garbage, is apparently the "Editor-in-Chief" of Gameplayer. So... if this guy's writing is the best of Gameplayer's best, then I suggest everyone look elsewhere for their gaming news.

MmaFanQc3243d ago (Edited 3243d ago )

LMAO, all i see is SOME "gamers" who hate sony because the ps3 will have a timed exclusive......SO WHAT? if it never happened before with microsoft, its outrageous just because its sony? ...LMAO

get over it fanboys.....

buy it on ps3 and stfu......or simply wait.

flOw3243d ago

Yep, Sony giving finger for the piracy.

And PC gamer is not a real gamer. And Wii gamers too.

SlappingOysters3243d ago

There are some interesting comments below the article itself suggesting that Sony fanboys seem to me more about revenge than what is good for gaming.

antt33243d ago

Cry me a river.

This dude has got to get over it. I thought he might slash his wrists halfway through the article.

edhe3243d ago

Comparing this 11th hour move to an announced,long running, well known exclusivity is stupid.

I don't care about the IP or the game, however the nature of this business is in line with the reasons that Sony have lost so much face in this generation.

They've not secured them anything other than another scratch on their image.

Saigon3243d ago

when ms does this its ok...

cherrypie3243d ago

"the epic comeback"

Bwaha. Ghostbusters is Sony's own IP. What is the big deal? I think we'll all be _JUST FINE_ without their movie-tie-in-cashgrab shovelware.

Its not a big deal for a "who cares" title. Ghostbusters? Who gives a frack.

ultimolu3243d ago

Cry me a f*cking river.

These people are whining for nothing. Why is it that people whine when Sony does this but when the other company does it, it's business?

butterfinger3243d ago

64 million gamers wanted this game?! Sony made a hell of a move then! I expect this to sell at least 5 million now, day one. lol.

I didn't care about this game 2 days ago, and I don't care about it now. I will play a demo, then I might rent it. Life goes on.

LONEWOLF2313243d ago


its Xbox followers and not XB*** as you called them, next time take it to the Open Zone if you feel like insulting specific console followers like a rabid follower yourself.

butterfinger3243d ago (Edited 3243d ago )

LMAO. There is nothing like seeing the pot call the kettle black. There is a reason you only have 4 bubbles.

50CALheadshot3243d ago

Now that the tables have turned, ITS WRONG?

LOL, sounds like a whole bunch of angry gamers dont have any new games to play so they are crying for a multiplat game

green3243d ago (Edited 3243d ago )

To the fanboys that agree with this tactic, please answer this very simple question

When have anyone of you or anyone you know pre-ordered a clearly stated multiplatform game, only to have the game either canceled or delayed at the 11th hour by half a year due to Microsoft?

Or let me rephrase it, you go to GAME, pre-ordered Resident evil 5 on PS3 4 months ago, and 4 weeks to its launch date you here the game has been delayed by 6 months due to Microsoft.Now tell me if that is right?

When you reply answer my question and tell me how a completely known timed exclusive or payed exclusive is the same as this?

@ Butterfinger: The thing is that i am not condemning their actions at all.Business in Business and if i was in their position, i will do whatever it takes to give my business a competitive advantage.I don't see anything wrong with paying for exclusives or DLC.if anyone has a problem with it then buy the other console.

My issue is with the fanboys like the idiot below you who is comparing it to Microsoft's tactics which so far is not true.Microsoft has not done anything like this so far.Thats all i am saying, i am no Ghostbuster fan.

butterfinger3243d ago

I understand what you are trying to prove with the whole 11th hour thing, but the fact of the matter is we have to deal with games being delayed all the time and that is exactly what this is. This is nothing more than Sony delaying the release of the Wii, DS, and 360 versions. Batman Arkham Asylum was due to come out around the same time, but that just got delayed, possibly until the holiday season, but I'm not crying about that (and that is a game I actually want). If you are big enough Ghostbusters fan, then you can buy the PS3, PS2, or PSP versions, if not, then you simply have to wait. I highly doubt the game will be THAT great anyway. Besides, you may still have the opportunity to import the NA version on the 360 regardless.

ZuperAmazingCooKie3243d ago

Let alone all the multiplaform games that had to be gimped to accommodate 360s inferior hardware.

I also never knew that Ghostbuster had a potential 64 million buyers.

This game will come out day and date on every platform everywhere except Europe, so SUCK IT.

Rainstorm813243d ago (Edited 3243d ago )

I see most of you on here is either very young or not really up on good movies.The Ghostbusters franchise was very very popular and has a stronger fan base than some of the CRAP movies games that had graced this generation or last (Wanted or Enter the Matrix anyone?)

Most of you are too young to remember the ghostbusters movies (GB2 came out 20 years ago 1989 some of you complainers aren't even 20! I was 8 when it released) The game is bringing back the original cast and is being written and supervised story wise by Dan akiroid and Harold Ramis all is left is for the game to play good and be fun if it can so that and still maintain the feel of ghostbusters the game will be great (**for a movie game**)

It definitely has the potential to be better than the Ultra BUGGY X-men origins which has been dubbed "Best movie game ever" I guess bugs and glitches make you a great game this generation (Xmen origins, Gears2, Fallout3)

As for the PAL PS3 exclusivity .............................. .nuff said

what about Tekken 6 the game has been in arcades for almost 2 years if it wasn't for the Xbox360 version the game wouldve been out fall 08 especially since the arcade hardware is similar to the ps3. the 11th hour crap dosent fly because whether it was a year in advance or a month timed exclusive sucks for the owner of the opposite console.

Smacktard3243d ago (Edited 3243d ago )

I don't own a PS3, but I don't really care. On the other hand, I was never really looking forward to Ghostbusters. Was it a douchey move on Sony's part? Absolutely. It doesn't affect me though.

edit: Also, I see the people saying, "MICROSOFT DID IT SO SONY CAN TOO!" That doesn't make it right. Simply put, both were and are being douchey.

The Lazy One3243d ago

I don't really see it being worth it for sony at all at this point. It's too late in development to really build a lot of hype for timed exclusivity, and it really was never the kind of game that shifts consoles. Everybody already knows it's going multiplatform too. It's not like bioshock or LP where they were thought to be exclusive, then went multiplatform after the initial sales boost. Just a wierd choice.

I don't really mind waiting longer, but it's just a puzzling business decision.

Anybody know when the actual release date is for the other consoles? Is it a fall or just later summer?

butterfinger3243d ago

I have never seen a problem with paying for exclusives or DLC either (I don't understand why Sony doesn't do it more, to be honest), and I really don't get why everyone has to compare this to Microsoft's tactics at all. Timed exclusivity sucks for owners of the opposite console in every situation, but everyone has to get over it. Imagine how annoyed I was when I got my 360 FOR Bioshock, just to have the game release a month later on the PS3. That and Rock Band 2 are the only 2 games I have bought for both consoles. lol.

green3243d ago (Edited 3243d ago )

@ rainstorm: not saying your lying but any source to back up your claims would be good otherwise it is N4G speculation.

@Butterfinger: lol at your Bioshock dilemma, sure that was not easy to swallow.Funny thing is that i think i am one of the only people that did not really like that game due to it's zero replay value.Anyway i agree with what you said about exclusive DLC sucks for single console owners but as we said it's business.

I can afford to own all consoles but i never have the time to even play my 360 properly talkless of 1 or 2 other consoles (sick and in bed thats why i have been online the whole day).So i stuck with the 360 because of Bioware support,PGR and Halo while realising that there are some PS3 exclusives that i will miss out on.So in order for me not to get tempted i don't read articles about sony exclusives.If i tell you i have never seen videos of uncharted 2 before and only one of Infamous, you will say i am lying.

But i will get a PS3 later because i can not stay away from God of War 3 because it was to me one of the best games released last gen.

Thugbot1873243d ago


I disagree, I was also 8 years old when Ghostbusters came out "Who you going to call Ghostbusters." While I remember this as child, it was more of my parents who wanted to see this move. No it had some parts as a kid that I enjoyed, but then I would never have told my parent Oo I want to go watch Ghostbusters, they were no Heman, Voltron or Ninja Turtles. No to say there are several movies that have since come that have shapped my likes in movies. Yes, the game will sell but I don't think it will sell all that well.

People like my dad who are now in there 50's and 40's would be the biggest fan base for this game. Sad to say many of which don't play video games. Then take this a step farther do you really think PAL cares about Ghostbusters? I can tell you I was in the UK when it came out only people who cared were my parents and other military people on the base. Outside of the base I don't remember a single poster. It was dubed an American thing...

3243d ago
Qui-Gon Jim3243d ago

green, whether this "tactic" is fair or not, the article hugely overstates the issue. 64 million? Is there really that many people who are hotly anticipating this game? Most of the people who will end up buying this game are probably people who won't even know of its existence until they see it in the store anyway.

IaMs123243d ago (Edited 3243d ago )

Yah true Microsoft does but not a freaking MONTH before its release! damn secure it when its in development not when its done! Also its kinda of good and bad now just wait MS i bet will pull something like this too, like they always do so in turn could this be a trade off for MGS5 then for the 360 owners?

EDIT @ Above: What he means with 64 million is he is "throwing away" chances to sell that much. He has potential the oppurtunity to sell that many more if it was that amazing, but will it? heck no we all know that just like the PS3 Wii and 360 have the opputunity to sell 5 billion more consoles to the world population but will it no.

Mikerra173243d ago

because FF13 is coming to the 360, us ps3 owners had to wait an extra amount of time for it, this person fails, cry me a river

flash743243d ago

It's hard to believe that anyone even cares! It's not going to move that many copies in the first place. Sony has much better games to offer than that pile of crap. The only end-game result to this whole thing is drastically reduced sales since owners of other platforms that were interested might be too disgusted to even bother buying it now. It's the type of game that might sell better on a Wii than anything.

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raztad3243d ago


Sony doesnt pay for exclusives because they cost A LOT. Should Sony kept FFXIII, GTA4 exclusivity, right now it will be in the same situation as MS. Very few first-party studies and few to none exclusives. Even the almighty MS CANT keep paying for timed exclusives rights.

When Sony get a good chance it pays (support exclusive developments) indie PSN games are a good example. Its not a moral issue, its all about budget.

IMO GB move is something Sony did because they think game got potential. Before, I wasnt even interested though I love the cartoonish look in the Wii version, now it caught my attention. Looking forward the psp version.

I understand why so many people are piss off, specially Wii owners that are really lacking in the game department. They were expecting GB and now it just got delayed cause of Sony-Atari deal, but business is business. Look at Bethesda-MS Fallout 3 DLC deal and you will know what I mean.

callahan093243d ago

What is so bad about this? Look, Atari is having troubles and they probably needed some kind of deal with someone to be able to co-publish the game in Europe. The company that happened to be able to negotiate that deal with them was Sony, and of course Sony isn't going to co-publish a game for non-Sony platforms. The deal didn't scrap the release of those other versions, it just set up a timetable wherein Sony has exclusive publishing rights in Europe for a limited time, then Atari, having had ample time to configure launching the game themselves, will reacquire those rights and be able to publish their on-hold Wii, DS, and 360 versions.

I highly doubt that Sony went out and bribed Atari into this deal, Atari was probably shopping their game around FOR a deal like this, and Sony happened to be the ones that negotiated that deal with them in the end. It could have just as easily been Microsoft, but it wasn't... It could have been Activision, but it wasn't. You get my point?

It's not a bad move on Sony's part at all. If they hadn't done it, somebody else would have. If nobody did, then the game probably would've been delayed on ALL platforms in Europe.

TheRealSpy023243d ago (Edited 3243d ago )

you guys are really missing the point.

this article isn't about ghostbusters. and it's not about saying sony is worse than microsoft. you are all so busy being fanboys you can never read anything without some silly bias, corporate-slave filter.

the article is saying that actions like this set a precedent (which is exactly the word he uses). if it becomes okay to take timed exclusivity at the very last minute, then we can start seeing all 3 companies doing it. and like the author also said, retailers have already started taking preorders, and magazines and websites are starting to do reviews and previews for the systems. timed exclusivity is lame in the first place, no doubt. but if they can do it at the last minute, then consumers never know what to plan for. and eventually you could see much bigger titles suddenly getting yanked from a ps3 or 360 release just a few weeks before it launches.

just cuz you love MS or Sony doesn't mean you need to take a side in EVERY discussion. this affects all of us.

callahan093243d ago


The reason it became a timed exclusive is because Atari is in dire straits, and the only way they could afford to keep this game alive for Europe was to siphon it off to another publisher in a deal like this one. Sony happened to pick it up, and because they are in the console business, they are only publishing it for their consoles. The deal is on a time limit, and eventually it goes back into Atari's hands, who, by that time, will have the means to publish it proper, and then it comes out on the other planned platforms.

The lesson learned is that you shouldn't expect anything from companies that are in the crapper. You never know what will happen with their properties. Like this.

GiantEnemyCrab3243d ago

Some of the above need to look in the mirror. Believe me, the Sony fanclub wrote the book on whining about timed exclusives and now listen to yourselves.

Now it's suddenly okay to have a timed exclusive and it's not something to get upset about? Where were all these sane voices in the Fallout 3 DLC threads? I mean it's just DLC for craps sake.

Anyway, this only effects the PAL region so I'm not bothered by it but I will say the timing of this announcement is pure cheeze from $ony.

SaiyanFury3243d ago

@1.31 Morganfell

Yeah I know, Columbia Pictures made Ghostbusters back in 1984 and it's sequel in 1989 and I also know that Sony owns Columbia/Tristar. They could've easily locked out the property from other companies. Ironic indeed.

No Way3243d ago

"and where in the world is Carmen Sandiego???"

:O I found her!
She's under my cover. :)

3243d ago
caladbolg7773243d ago (Edited 3243d ago )

I'm still stuck on these claims of "64 million".

If Sony gave anyone the "finger", it's to those Ghostbuster fans and pre-orderers who are:
a) PAL XBOX-Only Owners
b) PAL Wii-Only Owners
c) PAL Wii60 non-PS Owners
d) PSWii60 PAL gamers hellbent on buying only the XBOX/Wii version(s) of Ghostbusters and not the PSP/PS2/PS3 versions.

(And PC-Only gamers which were not included in the 64 million statistic.)

The sum of which is but a small slice of the "64 million" PAL Gamer pie. The author would lead us to believe that all 64 million gamers in PAL regions have been wronged, which is an extreme exaggeration and ultimately FALSE. You might be able to argue that a small minority of PAL gamers (who fall under points a through e above) have been given the "finger", but even then it's debatable.

Sarcasm3242d ago

" One thing is for sure, gameplayer is one of the most idiotic collection of writers and editors ever."

Not so sure about that.
The top two contenders are:

The Hip Hop Gamer Show

Although if singled out by one person, Hydro is the top of the list.

Sarcasm3242d ago

"Now it's suddenly okay to have a timed exclusive and it's not something to get upset about? Where were all these sane voices in the Fallout 3 DLC threads? I mean it's just DLC for craps sake."

No, it's not the same thing if you think about it. At least the complaints.

The difference is being that PS3 Fallout 3 owners get the shaft, when they spent $60 on the game already.

While the latter consists of X360 owners not getting the game at all, but they didn't spend on money on it anyway. So move along, just another timed exclusive.

It's obviously a thin line between the two, but I'd feel more shafted if I paid $60 for the incomplete/glitchy version.

That's why owning both consoles, completely makes this exclusive ordeal moot. Pretty much what Torrance Davis was trying to point out. One of the only few times I agree with that guy.

inveni03241d ago

Go figure. Sony does what Microsoft has been doing for two years and NOW everyone thinks it's a bad idea. How stupid.

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SlappingOysters3243d ago (Edited 3243d ago )

I hate this exclusive crap going around at the moment. Especially in cases like this where I really cannot see the benefit for the game or for Sony.

Me thinks it is something to do with Sony Pictures and a third film in the series... or the blu-ray release... but that does not explain why NTSC territories are fine.

lh_swe3243d ago

I'm sorry but how does that make sense? I would be suprised if even 80% of the angry people commenting here even wanted the game in the first place, I can understand someone being angry about this if they own a 360 and have been anticipating this game since the git-go.
Besides timed exclusives are not a new thing I don't see what the big deal is now.

jmare3243d ago

Yes actually, Sony should publish for MS and Nintendo. Why? Because it's not exactly a system seller. Even if the game is really good, nobody is going to rush out and buy a PS3 just to play it. An even better reason is that platform holders (i.e. MS & Nintendo) have to pay licensing fees to the publisher. That means MS and Nintendo would be paying Sony to have the game on their systems. I'm not sure the game is big enough for MS and Nintendo to be willing to pay a competitor for a game.

yojoe263243d ago

You're whining is making me sick at my stomach. After all of the crap that Microsoft has done in the past three years of exclusive buying and whatnot you have the audacity to whine about Sony securing a timed exclusive with.....wait for it....GHOSTBUSTERS! Good grief can you get any whinier? If so, please don't try as I will probably throw up.

The Lazy One3243d ago

Atari is already going to publish the other versions of the game later in the year.......

lh_swe3243d ago

You have a good point but Sony isn't known for playing it fair and neither is Microsoft, but its a dog eat dog world and this kinda thing happens once in a while.