Dissidia Final Fantasy interview and hints at a possible sequel with Kingdom Hearts

KH Insider writes: "Takashi Arakawa and Yoshinori Kitase (dirctor, writer, and producer) went to a gaming event in Munich, Germany recently. The Square-Enix staff writers had a small interview with German gaming site play3 about the writing of the scenarios in the game and possible ideas for a sequel."

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colossi163236d ago

Like Mickey Mouse versus Kefka?

raztad3236d ago

I really like how SE has put a lot of quality games on portables.

PSP: FFVII:CC, Star Ocean remakes, Dissidia, KH:BS
DS: DQ <attach title>, KH:358/7, DQIX

Compared with their console offerings, very mediocre at best so far in this gen, SE portable games are outstanding. I still think that major iterations should be on consoles, but looking at this pattern SE is mostly concerned about reaching the most audience as they can. Anyway, looking forward Dissidia, not sure if I want to fight mickey in a later iteration of the game though :D.

Reibooi3236d ago

That's because the games being released on portable are games from square whereas the games being released on console are games being published by square meaning they have no involvement in the development of those games with the exception of The Last Remnant which was made by the Saga Team a known hit or miss team and still even then alot of people agree had it not been for the horrible technical issues brought on by the Unreal Engine The Last Remnant really would have been a ok game.

PS you left out The World Ends With You on your little DS list :P

jrsenkbe3236d ago

Kingdom Hearts is my favority series all time. Give me another PS3 exclusive.

RememberThe3573236d ago

Who would have thought?


Baka-akaB3236d ago

Tss i'll get disagrees , but why involve KH in it ? Isnt KH full already of FF chracters ? Cant they just keep adding them there or do their own fighting games ....

There are plenty great FF characters left out , to expand Dissidia without bringing in guys from kingdom hearts or the disney universe .