Vooks: Monsters vs. Aliens Review

Vooks writes: "Monsters Vs. Aliens (MVA) is a solid action adventure title that is let down mainly by a lack of effort in game design. For a licensed title, MVA is certainly above average, and in many aspects, it is actually a decent game. Enjoying a licensed game is a rare event indeed, but MVA actually manages to entertain for a while. However, the game's biggest downfall is the repetitive nature of the game. Once you have played through a few levels in MVA, you'll soon realise that the rest of the game is a carbon copy of the first couple of levels, albeit in different scenery. This is a disappointment to say the least, because for the first hour or so, the game is quite enjoyable, but this enjoyment soon turns to frustration as you realise that another licensed game has ultimately failed."

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