Gamer Limit Review: Valkyria Chronicles' Behind Her Blue Flame

Gamer Limit writes "We've finally made it to the last Valkyria Chronicles DLC. The first one, Hard Ex Mode, wasn't recommended to everyone due to its arduous difficulty even though the alterations to the skirmishes were superb. Edy's hilarious characters and dialogue couldn't justify the price for its bland mission. Behind Her Blue Flame is possibly the most anticipated DLC because you get to play as the bad guys, including the awesome Selvaria, in a series of missions. However, the question remains:"

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Dimly3393d ago

Looks like a great addition to an already incredible game!

WildArmed3393d ago (Edited 3393d ago )

VC is arguably the best RPG of this gen.
Sadly its sales do not represent its greatness

-goes to buy ANOTHER copy of VC-

Vintrus3393d ago

Yes sadly Wii games trash classics like this.

Fullish3393d ago

I think your forgetting that sale figures don't represent game quality.

iseven3393d ago

one day i'll get the DLC

stevedawonder3393d ago

This game has a lot of content.

syvergy3393d ago

Man, I need to finally finish this so I can get to the DLC!

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