E3 Coming To Home Again

Torrence Davis writes "A Sony insider has dropped a major hint that E3 and Home will be together again. That's all the info they gave us"

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Ninver3390d ago

If this is true then all i have to say is, sony is kicking a$$ and taking names for real. The amount of momentum coming from them and towards E3 is awesome. PS3 is where my Home's at lol.

DarK-SilV3390d ago

I remember HHG saying the same thing 6 months ago or more

sonarus3390d ago

i don't see why they shouldn't

40cal3390d ago

This was already confirmed on the PS Blog buy Locust.

ape0073390d ago (Edited 3390d ago )

yep hhg has some info,I watch his shows everyweek

on topic:home + E3 it's wow if you ask me,imagine sitting with 100 or so avatars and then an explosive annocement revealed,you'll see all the different impressions

"wow" "omg" "meh","oh saw that a mile away" "8D"

you see one dancing,one silent,the other clapping and so(sony please adD more life to avatars and sounds,WALKING SOUNDS,CLAPPING SOUNDS AND MAKE IT OPTIONAL IF SOME DIDN'T LIKE NOISES to make the scene and interactions and conversations more BELIEVABLE more FLUID and most importanly more ineresting,seeing everything silent in home make you do as less conversations as possible,adding sounds and life will make me stay at home double the time simple as that and sony more visits to home=more profits,do this to make us and you happy.ok)

that's really a neat idea and a good way to connect all the gamers who all awaited e3 and share thoughts,that's what I call social networking,that is really bring us gamers all together in the same cool

go sony

go home team

go psn team

UnwanteDreamz3389d ago

I would say not having something for E3 would be a huge fail.

If I remember the last E3 themed space was in the closed beta. Most of the HOMEies expected this.

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rbluetank3390d ago (Edited 3390d ago )

i was hoping they would do is going to be so much fun talking with people in home while watching E3. this is going to be one of the biggest communtiy events for the PS3 todate... ten year good shiat!!! shout out to HHG/TDavis for bring this to at least my attention... good Shiat as well..

KwietStorm3390d ago

I made a post about this on the official PlayStation message forum because of something I noticed under my account management, but my thread mysteriously disappeared.

JD_Shadow3390d ago

Two things (either or both) will happen:

1. Sony will broadcast their E3 stuff through Home.
2. Sony will do their E3 press conference with Home like they did in 2007.

I hope it's both, because Sony wanted to have people be able to experience those game expos through Home, and I thought the way they did the press conference in 07 kicked ass.

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