GameTunnel: Wallace and Gromit's Ep 1: Fright of the Bumblebees Review

GameTunnel writes: "I was always a fan of the Wallace and Gromit show when I was a wee lad (and I still am), so I had high hopes for WaGGA, from Telltale Games. What I got was different than I was expecting and/or hoping for, but not to shabby, regardless.

The plot sounds like it's an episode from the show: Wallace is struggling to make ends meet, but is hopeful thanks to his new honey-making business' commission to make 50 gallons of honey in one day for a party. His bees aren't producing, though, and (through a series of very British events) he ends up having to find the necessary ingredients for a super growth formula that will bulk up his newly planted flowers to "feed" to his bees. It's slightly absurd."

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