Forbes lists Nintendo, Microsoft, and Sony in there "Most Reputible Companies" list.

Forbes announced there list of the top 200 Most Reputable Companies. Nintendo led the gaming community with the number 6 position. Microsoft was ranked number 30, and Sony ranked number 126 out of 200. Make of it what you will.

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OGharryjoysticks3388d ago

it must mean something else now

mint royale3388d ago

Well done Nintendo at number 6. They deserve it for their excellent customer service.

Guitardr853387d ago

I want to make a really good name for I'm gonna create a console that has more problems than its worth and constantly gives this red ring light that shows I'm bricked....Then I'm gonna say it's not a problem and doesn't exist. That will make me cool and reputible right??!?!!

Guitardr853387d ago

And then to top it off...I'll make an operating system for a PC that sucks ballz and has tons of security leaks and incompatibility issues with every day devices...yeahhhhh!!!

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cmrbe3388d ago

but rather the overall company.

qface643388d ago (Edited 3388d ago )

i looked up the word just to be sure i was thinking about the right word and um WOW microsft is at number 30 seriously WOW

please someone tell me im thinking of a different word
reputible means trust worthy and respected right?

edgeofblade3387d ago

Let's see... company replaces millions of broken 360's at great expense to themselves, subsidizing the hardware costs two, three, four times over on average.

Sounds like pretty awesome customer service to me. Your distrust of Microsoft is clouding your judgement. I think people should be more appreciative that Microsoft proactively replaced these consoles without having a court tell them to do it. That's the free market at its best.

qface643387d ago (Edited 3387d ago )

lets see sounds like you have never actually dealt with their customer service if you ask me

how could you consider them trustworthy if they were they would have never had to do any of those big money loses

and their have been multiple courts that have like the disc scratching thing did they wanna do something about that no?

and don't get me started on the zunes that were failing not just these things there have been more products before

Eddie201013387d ago (Edited 3387d ago )

They did what they were forced to do, not by law, but by the damage the RROD thing would and has done to the image of Microsoft's gaming division, hell it took them a year a and a half to even get around to doing that. I say this because it took them so long to even offer an extended warenty, and they knew there was a problem from the day it was released. Some reports saying they new the problems were there before release. The best thing they could have done is fix the problem early on. Even though it might happen a little less frequently than before it is still a problem now, more than three years after its release. After three years it should not have such a high rate of failure. They have had plenty of time to make the Xbox 360 a stable gaming system.

I have an Xbox 360 and I enjoy the games I play on it, but I am not going to give them credit for something they wouldn't even have to do if they didn't make systems that are faulty.

Tachyon_Nova3388d ago

They should add Forbes to the list

Menchi3388d ago

I'm sorry... O_O

Microsoft, the 30th most respected, and trustworthy company in the world? Really?

The company that has received a dearth of anti-trust cases, has repeatedly been put into doubt on the legality of a number of their practices and is over-all, consistently releasing products of a poor quality, is trustworthy?

What on earth...

heyheyhey3388d ago

my thoughts exactly

rich =/= reputable

edgeofblade3387d ago


The anti-trust cases are a sham... a circus rather than justice in court. If anyone cared to actually look into what a monopoly is, they would realize that you can't just go around calling companies you don't like monopolies.

Eddie201013387d ago (Edited 3387d ago )

Be careful, I got banned for a week for making a similar comment about Microsoft's business practices.

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