Games32: Dark Sector Review

Games32 writes: "We have already written a review regarding the PS3 version of this game, a product that suited perfectly Sony's console and looked amazing at that time using a modified version of the Unreal 3 graphical engine. For more details read the article from here. Compared to the original, the PC version brings nothing new in terms of story or gameplay but is good enough to be considered a product worth testing. "

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NovusTerminus3306d ago

I think this one might be just a tad late...

NewZealander3306d ago

dark sector uses the evolution engine....whoever wrote this article has no idea what they are on about.

Timesplitter143306d ago

I think it's the PC version

If you look closely at the ancient writings in the article, you can kinda see the letters "P" and "C" together

PrimordialSoupBase3306d ago

Not a single line of Unreal Engine III code in this game.

xionpunk3306d ago

well... it was worth the 8 bucks I paid for it...