IGN: PS3 On The Rise In Japan

IGN writes, "Sony's Japanese offices are on vacation for Japan's continuing Golden Week holiday period, but Kaz and crew must be celebrating the latest sales stats from Enterbrain. According to the Famitsu publisher, PS3 sold 109,000 units for the month of April (covering March 30 through April 26). This is a 288% increase over last April."

"The big reason for the jump is likely the Final Fantasy XIII demo, which gave the system over 60,000 units sold at its release midway through the month. The system has continued to beat the struggling Wii."

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PSP23359d ago

hitler arent you in the same place as hddvd

PSP23359d ago

oh i just looked at your comments your a 360 fanboy lol well take all your rep away tonight and tomorrow

Immortal Kaim3359d ago

IGN is a little late to the party :)

pixelsword3359d ago

they barely pass as news as it is.

WhittO3359d ago

ye, playstation lifestyle seem to get more insider information and post news before them, by the time IGN post "news", its not news anymore lol.

PSP23359d ago

sony have done excellently in japan in 2009 lets be gamers not haters give them props like microsoft deserve props for windows 7 and in the near future for canceling the zune

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The story is too old to be commented.