The Path Dev: Braid Is Not a Game

Michaël Samyn of Tale of Tales, the developer of The Path, an art game that some people said isn't a game, is taking that same observation and making it about his indie peers. Games like Braid and Everyday Shooter, he wonders, maybe aren't games at all.

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TheIneffableBob3332d ago

Well, this guy certainly has an interesting view on games. I don't totally agree with him, but he makes some good points.

The Path is an awesome, er, experience, by the way.

SonyRulz3332d ago

WTF is up with the purple background with dark text? I tried reading the article, but my eyes were burning after the first paragraph.

outlawlife3332d ago (Edited 3332d ago )

not sure if you noticed but the site background is dynamic, you refresh and it changes color

perhaps that wasn't the best choice but my point is the following

no matter how cool you think it may be, suggesting someone should be harmed just for their font choice is rather childish

just because it is the internet you don't have the right to say anything you want about anyone

whether you were joking or being over dramatic also does not matter, the statement was very immature

grow up a bit


3332d ago
Persistantthug3332d ago

The writer simply sucks at games.

Could have just said that and saved me a whole click and read.