inFamous Demo is Available Now

PlayStation LifeStyle writes, "For those of us with the early demo code, evidently the demo for inFamous is available now. Some PlayStation Forum users are reporting their codes are validating and are downloading the demo as we go to press with this."

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s8anicslayer3480d ago

Man why did I preorder at Gamestop! I'm canceling it and going to bestbuy tomarrow

HighDefinition3480d ago

I might possibly be interested in using it.

Dragun6193480d ago

I don't have an extra code or anything but I'm wondering, Can't you gameshare the demo?

SnuggleBandit3480d ago

someone better use some screen capture software and post the gameplay up here! oh and of course if anyone has an extra demo code that would be GREATLY appreciated!

silkrevolver3480d ago

that's a pretty.....dumb idea. If you don't preorder from Gamestop, you don't get the gigawatt blades.....which last forever. Or you could get a demo......1 week early

omegaortega3480d ago (Edited 3480d ago )

Silly! You should have went to Game Crazy, each of my local stores has quite a few vouchers.

All you have to do is ask then pre-order.

Oh and I got two vouchers from Game Crazy, gave the second away. Both work downloading demo right now.

-EvoAnubis-3480d ago

I'm at 74% right now. Can't wait to play it!

3480d ago
spunnups3480d ago

The gamestop I preordered from will be getting demo's for inFAMOUS 2morrow! I believe only selected gamestop are doing it.

Traveler3480d ago

Sure, Hitler. I doubt you have played either game.

Not only was Hitler one of the worst people in history, he also is apparently a mega-fanboy.

People are saying great things about the demo. Prototype might be good as well, who knows? But quit being such a fanboy, it just makes you look silly. Don't you realize that PS3 owners will be able to play both games?

3480d ago
Hububla3480d ago

And Traveler dont you realize hes just some idiot fanboy with dublicate accounts trying to get a reaction!? Congratulations you gave him one..

Knightrid8083480d ago

I don't know if Best Buy still has those codes. I went the day they put them up on the shelves and in my store, there was only 3 left.

But on the other hand, thanks to N4G, I'm downloading the demo right at this moment. Man i can't wait 'till its done.

-EvoAnubis-3480d ago

This game is f*cking awesome!

I'll have a full preview on PSLS in the morning, but for now, I'm going back to Empire City!

shawnsl653480d ago

just so everyone knows, the giga saber will be available as a DLC. Remember gamestop's naruto's preorder DLC? Well apparently it's available to everyone now also.

himdeel3480d ago (Edited 3479d ago )

...its fuggin amazing!!!! So glad this game is coming out soon!!!! It really is better than I could have ever imagined. The controls are fantastic and intuitive.

redsquad3479d ago

Oi Schicklgruber, speak in your native German so we don't have to 'listen' to you!

Back on the non-hate version of the topic: No demo for me. Don't think I really need one to convince me that I'll enjoy INFAMOUS. I liked the free-roaming of ASSASSIN'S CREED, but was put off by the repetition (which actually prevented me finishing the game), so I should get into this pretty quickly if it's more action oriented.

MmaFanQc3479d ago

LOLZOR, you smell like a dirty fat looser who spend all days in his mom basement thinking your cool on the internet.

sry to burst your bubble, but you fail at life and even more on the internet!

LMAOsaurus rex!

edgeofblade3479d ago

MmaFanQc shouldn't throw stones...

Montrealien3479d ago (Edited 3479d ago )

nice, going to activate my code now!

edit: confirmed, this is great news, lol, this game is all about being early, even the demo is a day early.

TheRealSpy023479d ago

so just to be clear. cuz i've been looking around for information about this.

this game has no co-op?

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DoucheVader3480d ago

Your codes should be working!! :)

ELite_Ghost3479d ago

awww i thought it was PSN, I guess it was too good to b true! :(

ballsofsteel3480d ago

while i am looking forward to this game i generally prefer to stay away from demos as it's generally more fun to just wait though. The only thing that might hold me back from buying it is the replay ability if it's only a 10 hour game i hope there some extra side mission stuff to keep me busy

Traveler3480d ago

It all depends on how good it is. If a game is good it doesn't need to have multiplayer modes and can still be worth your money.

Uncharted is one of my favorite games this generation and it is a single-player game only and it was worth every penny.

Kleptic3479d ago

its open world an only 10 hours?...says who?...just curious...I do agree that a good single player game is still worth the 60 for me, with Uncharted 2 and GoW III, as well as heavy rain on the horizon, I'll be in no shortage of great single player games...

where did you hear the game length though?

thor3479d ago


It mentions the game's length in the OPM UK review.

raztad3479d ago

Game is NOT 10 hours long. That's a misunderstanding. 10 hours refers to the time he took to get the ultimate superpower but game wasnt over by any means. With all the missions this game got, probably inFAMOUS will be lasting good 25-30 hours, more so if you play it as good then as bad (as the two experiences are totally different) game length becomes twice the longer.

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DoucheVader3480d ago

So only Best Buy preorder codes are working?

Siesser3480d ago

No, my code from pre-orderign at Game Crazy is working