PlayStation Home Badman Game Has A Twist On Turn Based RPG Combat

Based on Holy Invasion of Privacy, Badman! and it's sort of like an 8-bit RPG! Yuusha no Kuse Ni Namaikida www gives players a chance to slay the Devil King and win avatar t-shirts.

The game starts from the perspective of the Devil King, the star of Holy Invasion of Privacy, Badman! and it flips to show the perspective of a hapless hero.

You vanquish the Demon King by choosing commands as if you were playing Dragon Quest. The twist is after you pick fight, skill or item another menu pops up asking which weapon you want to use. Choices like Excalibur, Copper Sword, and Wood Bat come up. Then another menu pops up asking how you want to hit the Devil King. Should you throw the sword or slash? Then a menu comes up asking where you should hit him.

The menus keep coming and you only deal damage if you select the right branching tree. To keep players on their toes the options switch position every round.

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Now this is something that's really interesting in home. Something like this is far more curious then Xi or the Guitar Hero space. I wonder how far this is going to go though or the push that it will give. This is one of the more interesting bits instead of bending over and lean to let the chain swing on home central.

T-What3306d ago

to bad its only in the Japanese Home, I hope they bring it over to the US (and Europe) maybe even add it into Xi and make it a puzzle you have to play to get a fragment.

OGharryjoysticks3305d ago

Thanks for letting me know. I thought it was pretty cool and would have had to re-install the update (since I erased it) to get into Home again had it been here.