Game Revolution: Patapon 2 Review

Game Revolution writes: "Some folks just shouldn't be allowed anywhere near success. It's only been a year since their quirky, funky, kinda-sorta-music-strategy whoosit debut, but the Patapon (Patapons? Patapi?) are already hip-eye-deep in rhythmic doodoo again-shaking their collective, spear-chucking, tribal groove-thang for the glory of God (well... you, anyway) and taking on enemies many, many times their own size."

+ Lots of mission types
+ Superb audiovisuals
+ Added depth from hero abilities
+ Massive replay
+ Multiplayer!
+/- Pon creation assumes player familiarity
- Occasional sound-layer hiccups
- New branching/level scheme gets frizzy
- Only one multiplayer mode

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