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Submitted by DC RID3R 3241d ago | news

GRAW 2: Makes Xbox 360 go to the Red Light District - Problem Admitted

Ubisoft community manager has confirmed that GR: AW 2 developers are aware of a reported issue with their game and are urging gamers to come forward and let them know more about the problem. A large number of owners are reporting that the game freezes and then can cause the dreaded 3 red light syndrome. (Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2, Xbox 360)

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Violater  +   3241d ago
say what?
Wait someone please explain this to me
Ps360420  +   3241d ago
Thanks for Beta Testing this game as well guys
Look forward to the final release on the Ps3 in June :)
TheMART  +   3241d ago
I have no freakin' idea

I play GRAW 2 a lot, no problems ever. No freeze, no nothing
All of my friends neither have problems. So I am curious what it's about
ASSASSYN 36o  +   3241d ago
I agree I never had one lock up or problem nor heard of any from friends. BS flag raised on this one.
weekapaugh  +   3241d ago
red lights and the 360 are synonymous
Bathyj  +   3241d ago
Jesus tap dancing Christ. Is this for real?
Now games are bricking systems?

I've got to say this hasn't happened to me but I only played it for about a week. I haven't touched my Xbox since I got my PS3. I'll go back and finish it but now I'm scared another Xbox might die on me. If I have to take another one back to EB they might think I'm killing them on purpose.

Whats the story Ubisoft? I'm not turning this game on again til I find out.

And I dont know how anyone can call BS when Ubisoft admit the problem. I know you're pasionate about the only system you play but c'mon.

Xbox reminds me of a line from the movie Broken Arrow.

I dont know whats scarrier. The fact Xbox's break down so often or the fact they have a "broken down" light built into it.

The guy a few posts below me is right. Its a good reason to get multiplatform games on PS3 for fear of being left with a box load of games and no console to play them on. Dont bother telling me how much better the XB versions are. Some are better, some are worse, ALL are very similar to the point where the differences have no bearing on gameplay anyway. You play what you got.

And speaking as an Australian most the PS3 versions I've seen are cheaper anyway. THP8 $68 on PS3, $119 on Xbox. You tell me which ones worth it. Not all games are this cheap of course but I've seen a few for under $AU100 for PS3 including all 1st party titles while most on XB are $119 with the odd exception.
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kingboy  +   3241d ago
this is nuts
what`s up with this red light sh*t on the 360 crapping out every now and then?
The BS Police  +   3241d ago
Before the Sony fanboys arrive...
Let me just say that Ubisoft is at fault this time, not Microsoft.
BenzMoney  +   3241d ago
This is quite true. I own Graw2 and EVERY single time I play the game, it locks up on me (the first time I play it in a day). After it locks up the first time, if I shut off my box and turn it back on, then restart the game, I can play without it freezing. Apparently a LOT of people are having this problem. It is Ubisoft's fault because people are reporting that this is the only game in their library that is causing freezing issues. For some people it's so bad that they can't even play through more than 15 minutes without a freeze!

I *would* approve this story but I'm not a "contributor" so I can't. But I urge you that are to approve it. The more information Ubisoft gets from people who are having problems, the more likely they are to confirm what's causing it and issue a fix.
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Keyser  +   3241d ago
I had Need for Speed: Most Wanted freeze up on my 360 last night. It's the first time the system has ever frozen and i got it at launch. I was scared I would get the red light of death so I rearranged my entertainment center. Can't take the risk. I'm going to go find a small, portable fan from Walmart to keep air circulating past all my electronics down there.
DC RID3R  +   3241d ago
I .............................
haven't experienced any problems with my copy.
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Skynetone  +   3241d ago
gapzi11a  +   3241d ago
This sounds like BS to me too...
I'm part of a large gaming community that has played the heck out of this game and noone has ever reported any issues like this. Its never frozen on me once. Isn't this like the 6th or 8th game that has been accused of damaging the 360? I need more info before I believe this one.
BenzMoney  +   3241d ago
Just stop
Everyone claiming this is BS - stop. It's almost as bad as everyone claiming that the 360 didn't have hardware issues and that it must've been "the way you treated your console".

Don't believe that people are having problems? Check these forums:

25 pages of complaints:

Developer admitting there's an issue:

People on official xbox forums reporting issues:
SmokeyMcBear  +   3241d ago
oh man.. have you actually gone through those pages, I went through a couple, and its actually pretty disturbing. I am in disbelief that this is happening, one actually was praising the intercooler because it cut down on freezing 80%, he said in only froze twice and was happy about it. And not only this game, RS:Vegas i guess is having a lot of problems, i guess its ubisoft or something, might think twice in getting their games, I was looking forward to vegas too.
sandip787  +   3241d ago
also damaged my mates console, no ring of death but just messed up the system overall. i wonder if UBISOFT need to sort it out. but to be fair, what software could possibly make a system do this?
any ideas anyone?
big_tim  +   3241d ago
GRAW 1 was the game...
I was playing when my first 360 died. It didn't happen until after the April update, so I never knew what caused the problem. I just picked up GRAW 2, I will be looking out for it now. I doubt it will be a problem. My current unit has been perfect so it better not mess it up.
Maddens Raiders  +   3241d ago
Red Lights -
in 360 news? Not good bedfellows, obviously at this point in the game (no pun intended). I've never experienced it myself since I haven't played it on the 360, but at a glance, this is just the kind of thing that deters some from embracing MS's game - playing creation. Just my take. =]
Theo1130  +   3241d ago
When the next sega game coming out for the 360
Just getting ready for the next wave of red lights
ER1X  +   3241d ago
Why do some of you
take this stuff so personal? Ubisoft has admitted it's on there end. Raise all the BS flags you want but just because it doesn't happen to YOU doesn't mean it doesn't happen.

Read the on some links. When the company that makes the game admits there is a problem, then there's a problem.
Drew  +   3241d ago
It locked up once on me, after a marathon session of about eight hours, but other than that, I've had no problems. Weird. o_O;
Dlacy13g  +   3241d ago
I don't know about the red lights....
but the game has locked up my console a few times. It has mostly happened in single player but it did hit me once in a multiplayer coop game.

THIS DEFINITELY IS A UBISOFT all my other games Crackdown, Lost Planet, etc are totally fine. And yes I have a launch day machine that works just fine.
bootsielon  +   3241d ago
To those considering getting a 360
Get a PS3 instead. I have both, and I live in fear of when my 360 will die. So I get every cross-platform game on PS3: Better graphics (See euro-gamer for more info), Home enabled, Motion sensing AND rumble confirmed in the future.

I can wait if it means I get a machine that won't die.
DC RID3R  +   3241d ago
"To those considering getting a 360
Get a PS3 instead."

MS have now revealed the 120g HDD content
ElementX  +   3241d ago
You LIVE IN FEAR? when your 360 will die? Is that because you LOVE IT SO MUCH you can't bear to be without it? Screw off. Most multi-platform games work better on 360. Oh woe is me, my 360 might die. If you bought an extended warranty, then you're covered. MS even extended the extended warranties a FULL YEAR! My warranty is good through Nov of 2008! Lets see Sony compete with that. No, i'm not a Sony hater. I plan on buying a PS3 when the price comes down and there are more good games. Look at the multi-platform games........ They all fit on a DVD! There's nothing special about Bluray, except in the case of The Darkness, when they fit more B movies and stupid cartoons on the disc that you can watch in the TVs throughout the game. MULTI-PLATFORM games will fit onto DVDs, meaning the only thing Bluray has going for it is stupid extras like cartoons.
Dusk  +   3241d ago
bootsielon -
You point to ONE source, how about all the articles on 360 graphics being better than PS3's (IGN, Gamepro, Game Informer, Gametrailers, G4, Joystiq, etc.)? Do you realize that 2 of your 4 reasons to get a PS3 aren't even available yet on the PS3 (Home/Rumble)? Who cares about Home? It's just a concept. Who knows how it will really turn out? Why don't you wait until it is released and see what it actually ends up being, then hype it if it's worth it. I wouldn't use motion sensing on the PS3 controller as hype, it is awful compared to the Wii's. In fact, currently the PS3 controller is the worst of the three. At least you do have ammo on early model 360's failing. However, with Sony's horrible track record with the PS2, and the PS3 being only 3 months old, the jury is still out on it. At least MS admitted the problem and replaced them all for free, instead of having to get sued to respond like Sony with the PS2.

I'm not saying which is the best console, but your argument is flawed and please, no soliciting.
xfrgtr  +   3241d ago
Totally agree,go get a ps3:60gig(more than enough),hdmi,wifi,free online,bluray(excellent),and NO RED RINGS OF DEATH
ElementX  +   3241d ago
I bought GRAW 2 weeks ago, I had a prior problem with my 360, sent it in, got it replaced, and the game works fine. No problems. I'm on Day 3 of the single player game when i'm trying to defend some mexican building with two nukes inside while some delta? squad is trying to get the nukes. NO PROBLEMS WHAT SO EVER!
BillKills_ Vol_1  +   3241d ago
that explains it- i thought it was my 360
harpua  +   3241d ago
"I had a prior problem with my 360, sent it in, got it replaced, and the game works fine."

lemme guess, they counted that as another sale.
Dusk  +   3241d ago
You could say the same thing for Sony's count of....
...over 100 million PS2 owners. In reality, neither company counts replacements as another sale. However, if your system dies out of warranty and you buy another one, that would count as another sale. With the PS2 being around for so long and with Sony's bad optical device woes of a few years ago, many millions of PS2s were repurchases, especially since the PS2 got so cheap. This is not necessarily a bad thing if you got 4 or 5 years out of the sytem before it died, but it still goes against the claim of there being over 100 million unique PS2 owners.
caffman  +   3241d ago
I agree
I am still on my 1st xbox, 1st xbox 360, 3rd PS1 AND 5TH PS2! I think that says more for microsofts build quality over sony. I wouldn't mind but the playstations hardly get used!
Apocalypse Shadow  +   3241d ago
soon you'll have
a chain of red rings of death that can wrap around the earth and can be seen from the international space station.

3 skus,abandonment of xbox 1 for next gen,abandonment of hd-dvd in favor of iptv,higher priced add-ons,broken games,deadly firmware updates,busted half done BC.


that was a TOP GAMER flashback.
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Dusk  +   3241d ago
Or for the PS3 you could say:
many broken promises, delayed too many times, specs lowered, not shipped with proper cables or headset, no upscaling, crappy online service, busted half done BC, higher priced system due to forcing of an unneeded feature, lack of rumble, busted half done motion sensing, poorly implemented online store, 2 SKUs, no music streaming during gameplay, many games missing online MP, many games outdone by competition's counterparts yet system is still higher priced, no regulation of games' video resolutions, loss of most game exclusives

I guess that's why these pathetic 'my system is better than yours' arguments could go on forever.
gogators  +   3241d ago
I have GRAW 2
and the single player missions don't have any problems, but the multiplayer games do. Though not with freezing the machine, just frequent drop outs when people don't mute their mike at first. Which is Ubisoft's fault.
Lex Luthor  +   3241d ago
Hey Everyone
Bootsielon is the resident sony fanboy from he doesn't have a 360 he is just BS'ing. You guys have been warned.
gapzi11a  +   3241d ago
Lot's of games have had freezing problems, but has there ever been a case where a game actually ruined a console. Sure GRAW 2 may have some bad code that causes freezing, but my guess is that 360's are dying do to faulty hardware, not game code.
artman  +   3241d ago
I see "red light"
hey, I already see red light in the first week, I thought what is that... I don't get it at first~ after two month... my 360 burn out dude... it can't run anymore... can't boot... it just stay like that until it doesn't work anymore.... maybe you guys just get lucky.
but I checked on the net, that many people also get the same problem as me.

some people can get a chance to get 360 replace, but I can't ... not in my country, we don't have official 360 in here. so the shop can't cover the warranty.

and now they come out with elite~ what a joke.
I can enjoy 360 rite now, if they tested their product first before launch
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bloop  +   3241d ago
Wow, a game writing your system off!!! Thats not good UBI!!!! I have GRAW 2 and Ive completed the single player campaign with no freezing. Ive only played a couple of MP deathmatch games, literally a half hour of online play so far, but Im weary of playing it at all now. My 360 is sick enough as it is, disc read errors, crashing regularly every few days, getting a message that says "To play this disc put it in an Xbox 360 console" every now and again when I change games (anyone else get that problem?? Its just bizarre!!!). Hmmmmm, dont think Ill be playing GRAW 2 for a while, not until I at least hear of a patch for it.
IPlayGames  +   3241d ago
This is why my xbox collects dust Bladstorm
like people be4 me i live in fear getting these 3lights so i only play have to and that wont be until Mass Effect.PS3 on the other hand sh*t i leave it on all night and half the day folding with no worries. Then i come home and play games on it.
AllroundGamer  +   3241d ago
hmmm arent the 3 red lights a feature of the xbox360? :) this is just typical for xbox games :( not just you got to worry about the updates bricking your consoles, you got to worry about the games also... just sad.
ThaGeNeCySt  +   3241d ago
i've played this game for hours and no lock ups or freezes... i swear.. my 360 must be emmaculate.. it's been doing it's job well since november 2005
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donscrillinger  +   3241d ago
on some real shyt .e.a. owns everyone who bought Madden 07 for the 360 an free copy of Madden 08 .the reason being that the game always freezes .i have got more than 5 copy's of the game and they all freeze if you go pass the cut first i thought it was my 360 but not even the case me and my friends have just notice that all the e.a. games freeze,All of them .i got an new 360 and the same thing happened every time .from fight night 3 to madden 07 they all freeze ,and what really pissies me off is that i bought the hall of fame one for 75$ and i cant even play the damn game cuz it always freezes.i've called e.a. and they act like they don't know shyt ,i'm going for legal action if they don't give me madden 08 for free or some type of gift card .
this is bullShyt
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TheXgamerLive  +   3240d ago
This has to be a sony fanboy made up story.
There's 8 in my group/clan and we've been playing since the 9th and zero problems reported.

Again, who actually looks at these postings before there actually approved by the wrong members?
SmokeyMcBear  +   3232d ago
just thought i'd give this article a little jump.. .woohoo go ubisoft

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