Why It's Better To Own A PS3 In Japan

That Gaming Site writes: "Everyone is well aware that things are a bit different in Japan. For starters, the Playstation 3 tends to out sell the Xbox 360 (although this has not been the case in certain months recently). Most people are also aware that games tend to come out earlier in Japan, like the fact that Final Fantasy XIII is due out by the end of the year there (and it'll be a PS3 exclusive over there as well). There are some more subtle, but important, differences you may not be aware of."

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Elven63393d ago

Take your fanboyism to the open zone please, I personally prefer to own all 3 consoles in Japan, or at least have access to them.

spydersvenom3393d ago

You'll notice, Spike47, it says "why", not just stating a fact. Informative.

SprSynJn3393d ago

Why would you pay for three gaming consoles? I seriously have never seen the logic in this when you have bills and possibly a family to provide for. I had a hard enough time paying for my PS3 by itself, much less three of the same type of entertainment. Why blow your money in that direction?

Dragun6193393d ago

Well Duh, Its better to own a PS3 especially in Japan. I mean come on White Knight Chronicles, Yakuza 3, Demon Souls, Initial D Extreme Stage, Warriors Orochi Z, And of course Final Fantasy 13 Demo plus their line up includes Tales of Vesperia and Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2.

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Oner3393d ago (Edited 3393d ago )

@ SprSynJn ~ Easy. Maybe because he has a good job, works hard, or just has the ability to do so? Example: I own a small business and the economy has hit me pretty hard but I still make due to get the things I want...I mean, what's the point of working hard if you can't enjoy the money you are working hard for?

And yes I do own all 3 current consoles plus at least 8+ others. I work hard for them (amongst other things) because that is what I like & enjoy. Though as of late I can't enjoy my launch day 360 as it has gotten it's 4th RROD/RLOD about 2 weeks ago and I am just tired of fixing it. I don't want to even bother...and I am not one to waste money on getting another. I might have the means to buy one but that doesn't mean I am wastefull/irresponsible to support such faulty hardware.

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pangitkqb3393d ago (Edited 3393d ago )

as the seat of console production from the NES to the present, is naturally privileged. Even NA doesn't see the releases - and sometimes the prices - that gamers see in Japan.

PSP23393d ago

why would you want to own any other console apart from a ps3 in japan????makes no sensssssssse

Elven63393d ago

All consoles have exclusives that you should enjoy hence at least have access to all 3. Take your stealth fanboying to the open zone please.

s8anicslayer3393d ago

why? the wii gets more love than the two

Spike473393d ago

I said that because sales are proof of it, I think it is better to own a PS3 in japan, but here in the states if you can get both you are a lucky gamer. I can't have that luxury and so I miss out on games like Gears of War 2.

Elven63393d ago

I never said own, I said have access to (ex, neighbor, cousin, friend, etc). You should have been more clear in your original comment because it sounded like a snarky fanboy comment, I apologize.

PSP23393d ago

i mean its not like you can play gran turismo 5 and final fantasy 13 on anything other than a ps3 in japan

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