NintendoLife: CID The Dummy Review

NintendoLife writes: "CID The Dummy from Oxygen Games is an action platformer that was released earlier in the year on Sony's PSP. The hero is a crash test dummy, CID, given special powers by inventor "Professor B.M. Werken" to go on a mission to save his apparently very beautiful daughter. From the outset the very idea of the game feels just a little contrived. Beginning with a very odd and slightly underwhelming introduction in which we are introduced to our lacklustre hero, we discover CID is more than a little fed up with his monotonous life as a crash test dummy, and therefore in need of a little adventure; this is where the player comes in. There have been many odd video game heroes over the years, but it's fair to say that a dummy is one of the oddest choices: being based on a generic, featureless humanoid means CID lacks any sort of tangible character substance, and is frankly boring."

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