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"Over the past 10 years, I've watched the gaming world take a turn for the worse. It hasn't been the games, the games are great with their flaws, shortcomings, broadened horizons and even epic game play. All in it's splendor, we've watched video games grow into a form of pop culture.

Now it seems that gamers don't like to read about anything unless they can shove it in another "fanboy's" face, defend their favorite game/console or use the information in an attempt to slight another game…or the same game that is on another console."

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DrRobotnik3393d ago

The first taste of console war for me I think was between sega Genesis and super nintendo. I rember getting MK 1 for snes and my cousin got it for sega. We use to fight over which one is better, but sega won by default because of the blood code.....Until MKII. Now with superior sound, graphics and blood, the snes version won hands down.

You Already Know3393d ago

I remember owning a Sega Genesis while my friend had a Super Nintendo...

...and instead of hating on his console...I envied some of the games he had that I wasn't able to play....

to some gamers, the thought of this is taboo...

and while I believe in favoring one console over another, there's a massive community out there that takes this to an extreme that is unreal..

kewlkat0073392d ago

I remember just owning a SNES and my friend had a Genesis and would argue about he same thing but you know it was mostly about "multiplatform" games as I eventually got a Genesis and enjoyed the games that obviously was not on the SNES.

I remember borrowing games and trading a lot because I could not afford all the games. It's hard when your a multi console owner spreading the wealth but you did it somehow.

I remember there were exclusives that went head to head.

Genesis - Colums vs SNES - Tetris
Genesis - Streets of Rage vs SNES - Final Fight
Genesis - Shinobi vs SNES - Ninja Gaiden
Genesis - Sonic vs Mario/ Tales-Luigi/Knuckles-Wario

Eventually SNES would pull ahead since SEGA never got their Mario Kart, Star Fox ,Donkey Kong which blew everyone away with that chip...etc

At the end of the day, I owned every SEGA machine and played all the "Exclusive Greats"(You name it). Yes, somehow it was still all about the games, regardless of console strengths and weaknesses.

-Today it a whole new can of worms. It's this "Radical Loyaltism", Graphics and "Exclusive superiorities".

-Tell me, why can't you get all the consoles and enjoy them for exclusive(If you really love gaming) and pick your favorite console, based on preference or reviews for multiplatform games?

thebudgetgamer3392d ago

when i was a kid there was a group of us that tried to get different consoles then on the weekends we would all get together and just play games. those were the days.


DrRobotnik3392d ago

uh...nope. I think that's it.

deshon093392d ago

my atri 2600 is way better than yours hahahaha