GamesRadar: Red Dead Redemption First Look

The lawman, John Marston, stands in a shallow valley. At his back are his allies: the Marshall and his men. At his front, hands bound, is the hostage, the man he will exchange for his friend's life. The lightest of winds stirs the air with handfuls of dust, a buzzard flaps lazily overhead, a tumbleweed rolls slowly by. It's quiet – too quiet. Marston moves forward slowly, his six-gun raised and pointed to the small of the hostage's back.

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Th3 Chr0nic3391d ago

Wild west games just dont seem interesting to me.

DanSolo3391d ago

lol then heres a crazy whacked out idea for you mate........
Don't buy it!!!!

As its a pretty under done setting in video games, and seeing as how both Gun and Read Dead Revolver did pretty well last gen, I'm gona assume that the dev's are making it for the people who are interested.
I will certainly be giving it a look and if its good I will likely get it.

lol I just don't get the point of why you would bother reading an article and writing a comment about a game you say you arn't interested in..... seems kind of pointless to me, better to just not bother!

Th3 Chr0nic3390d ago (Edited 3390d ago )

lol im not going to buy it and i didnt read the article cause not interested.

i was interested to see if others felt the same or if it was really popular genre...happy now?

Rhezin3391d ago

be a sequel to GUN rather than Red Dead Revolver. IT MAKES ME ANGRY. Gun for next generation consolesw looked like a port from a ps2 game. Not to mention GUN played horribly and got horrible reviews. HORRIBLE LAUNCH. THIS game is the mother of all Westerns and you bet your ass it'll have the graphics, storyline, and gameplay to prove it. GUN LOL I can't believe people still bring up that game.

Th3 Chr0nic3391d ago

i dont see where anyone brought it up???? unless you are talking about the comments section from the source site. in which case your comment would be better posted there not here

DanSolo3391d ago

I have to say I agree with Th3 Chronic on this one, why bother whinging about GUN when its not being mentioned??

And even if it is mentioned... who gives a fvck? You like Red Dead, some people like GUN, and others like both or neither. Its not like we are exactly so swamped with western games that we need a ration on how many are coming out.

Seriously some people who post comments on this site need to get laid and get a life as they take some sh!t waaay too personally. lol