Watch How Microsoft promotes Gears of War in Japan

Microsoft spent extra time to polish Epic's game up with Japanese voiceovers and promote it with an interesting set of viral videos.

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silent ninja3892d ago

ok WHAT THE F***K WAS THAT i know microsoft suck in japan but to this extent

Ps3604203892d ago

Well this is interesting... Mabe they should go back to basics and show the actual game!

Says you3892d ago (Edited 3892d ago )

You XBox 360 fans are retarded Gears of War was nothing but hype and graphics and the game play was even worse no wonder other countrys have brains because they realize that Gears of War sucks major balls because it does.

Drew3892d ago

Does anyone ever get banned from this site?

Optimus Prime3892d ago

tell me what a good game is... and if you say resistance ill laugh my head off. oh im sorry, you only have one bubble, that sucks big time.

notwithstanding3892d ago

Don't be mad or upset that Says you is insanely right. I mean really if you take away the 'graphics' Gears is one of the crappier 3rd person games made... umm yeah ever

Optimus Prime3892d ago

well if you take away............... nope, cant really take away anything from resistance, it is just another fps.

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Fresh_A3892d ago

That japanese girl cute.....GOW rocks...the Game so Addicting...but that ad blowssssssss lol....

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The story is too old to be commented.