Xbox 360 motion controller games outlined

Coming with the Gametrak freedom are 11 motion controlled games

Tenpin Bowling – See the Squeeballs cower as the ball approaches and hear them laugh if you miss them. Curve the ball left or right after you've thrown it by circling your arm clockwise (curves right) or counter-clockwise (left).

Feeding Frenzy – Fire the correct Squeeballs at the hungry El Toro's or they will eat you.

Cannon – Swing the racket at the Squeeballs as they are fired at you. Accuracy and distance are key.

Cooking – Dice, slice, grate, season, and stir Squeeballs in special dishes prepared for El Toro.

Crazy Lanes – Bowling down the wackiest, curvy lanes ever with lava and bombs to avoid.

Paint by Squeeballs – Catapult the correct Squeeballs to get the right colors on the right picture.

Creature Testing Belt – Follow the Squeeballs on the conveyor belt. Pop, slice and punch as you must.

Pumping – Inflate the Snoods with the right amount of air and fly them through the course.

Squeeball Golf – Aim, spin your arms and send Octo flying through the air, skimming the water and find dry land.

Shock – Steady as she goes along the electric wire or else.

Stampede – Fire the Crabooms at the approaching Squeeballs before they reach you.

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PSP23359d ago

wow a craboom at a squeeball

siyrobbo3359d ago (Edited 3359d ago )

i thought squeeballs was meant to have 50 minigames? Not interested in this unless it comes woth some solid 3rd party support. I think ARCADE games are well suited to these sort of controls, couldnt imagine trying to play modern warfare 2 with it

WhittO3358d ago

these just seem like pointless small "party-games", which we can get enough of on the Wii, you dont need the power of the 360 to play games like that !

I wanted to see "Real" games that we could use the motion controllers for.

O well, guess they are going after the Casual Audience.

IaMs123358d ago

This is only the beginning just like the Wii started with Wii sports. Just wait i bet "Real" games will have support for this too eventually and will be even sweeter if they can patch or just put it as optional. Imagine playing Halo 3 or Gears with it lol

Trebius3358d ago

They'll definitely spend millions pushing this...and everyone will think it's Deja vu.

I hope they come up with some good ideas...I just feel certain that they're going to make the control battery operated...with a whole new charger you have to buy for it...

You'll be lucky if the game releases with the control, I'll bet it's seperate, and if not, they'll charge an insane price for the game + the remote...

So many endless ways they can dig into people's pockets with this...but there IS a more power to them, business is business.

IaMs123356d ago

Why the disagrees honestly back up yourself up...

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DarkSniper3359d ago

Microsoft has truly branded themselves as the "me too" console this generation. As soon as Xbox executives witnessed the true innovation that Sony provides with PLAYSTATION®3, they quickly went back to the drawing board. One of the first examples is the impending dead on arrival game entitled Splinter Cell Conviction. After witnessing Hideo Kojima harness PLAYSTATION®3's hardware to Hollywood standards, Splinter Cell went underneath the ground like a groundhog witnessing it's own shadow.

Xbox 360's motion controls and it's corresponding titles, are nothing more than a joke. Laughingstock of the gaming industry is an understatement for Microsoft's pitiful console. Dark Sniper ranks Xbox 360 beneath the stench of cow manure, it is that bad.

When Dark Sniper watches Microsoft's E3 presentation, he will be literally in tears from Microsoft's humorous attempts at console domination. Sony Snipers, join Dark Sniper when he will be watching Sony's onslaught at E3 at the comfort of his own Home with a bottle of Grey Goose. This is living.


Grown Folks Talk3359d ago

Don't forget to log in as your alter ego Zhuk & counter yourself.

GiantEnemyCrab3359d ago

DarkDiaper: This is a third party NOT Microsoft and they are releasing the same thing for the PS3.

So your whole speech was stupid and it also applies to Sony.

MS has their own motion control system that doesn't use a controller and I think that will be the focus and not this thing.

NewZealander3358d ago

its called compitition...if MS is "mii too" then sony is the "miis3" what with its motion rip off, stolen achievements, even hard drives were in consoles before sony caught on.

dont get me wrong i have nothing against the ps3, basement dwellers like DS are a different story tho.

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Imallvol73359d ago

While I think MS can do motion control games 10x better than nintendo (and the better graphics and online play are just icing on that cake), I don't see why the **** they are still going after this crowd. THEY ARE NOT GOING TO GET THEM! Nintendo already got all of them.

StephanieBBB3359d ago

1. They see potential.
2. They go there and suck it/buy it up.
3. They move on.

It has gotten them this far, so why should they stop?

40cal3359d ago

Anyone know how these work, detect motion that is?

IaMs123358d ago

You must invest to make money and well MS is pushing this so why is it a bad thing? i mean i want more Hardcore games myself but as long as they supply some then im ok. Its a neat thing having the casual games too i wish they make more RayMan and Banjoo type tho were its adventurous.

iHEARTboobs3358d ago

It'll mean I wont have to get a wii. I'm glad sony and MS are coming out with this stuff. This will also encourage their current fanbase to think twice about purchasing a wii when both the PS3 and 360 would be offering something similar if not better. Both companies wont forget about their current fanbase, they're smarter than that. It would be foolish to ignore what the wii has done with motion controls. It's very simple for both Sony and MS to try to provide something better without the price of a new $250 system. I welcome it and hope it's something better than what the wii has provided.

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cryymoar3359d ago

Microsoft: "durrrr me too!"

wtf else are they gona try to steal to try to cash in on something and further their monopoly?

ipod - Zune
Singstar - Lips
Mii's - NXE avatars
Eye Toy - xb360 camera
Firefox's tabbed browsing - IE7's tabbed browsing

Jesus Christ, find something of your own.

Deadman643359d ago

I hear what your saying, but Sony has copied plenty as well my friend.

GiantEnemyCrab3358d ago

Geesh, another dunce pulled from the Sony tool bag.

This is a THIRD PARTY device and they are making the same controller for the PS3.

So like your fellow Sony dunce Dark Diaper you just owned yourself because(now listen to this carefully) THIS DEVICE IS ALSO FOR THE PLAYSTATION 3.

Did I mention this is a third party and also coming to the PS3?

STONEY43358d ago

Sony's copied alot from 360, not that it's a bad thing. If 360 didn't have achievements, we wouldn't have trophies. There are more things too.

siyrobbo3358d ago

Honestly do you think iPod was the first mp3 player? You think firefox invented tabbed browsing? Next you will be saying the wiiimote was the first motion controller!

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