MMORPG Rewards You For Killing Your Character

Ripten writes: Warrior Epic is the first RPG to reward players for letting their created characters die. Having your created character bite the dust brings one of two benefits: you can either infuse the dead character's soul into a weapon or one of your living characters can carry their spirit and use it as a powerful spell. You don't have to find your body and you don't lose experience or progress. It's Warrior Epic's way to turn a negative into a positive.

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Sandwich Bender3391d ago

As some who dies often in MMOs, this is a pretty cool feature.

greeneggsnsam3390d ago

Interesting concept. I wonder if it'll work in reality.

Twizlex3390d ago

They must be religious.

Marona3390d ago

Anyone here in CB? Message me if you are for a game.