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"In the last year, Rockstar has given us GTA IV, The Lost & Damned and Chinatown Wars, upon playing them all I'd prefer the next home iteration to be in the Chinatown Wars mould."

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ape0073390d ago (Edited 3390d ago )

gta IV action is like a five stars action movie,it only needs few tweaks,making it a bit more responsive and quicker,endless possibilities happen in your way,infinite adventures happen with niko,it's like a limitless equation(the action)

Rockstar needs to like I said+MORE THINGS TO DO+VICE CITY

important note:

to all who bought the ps3 version of gta 4,listen im no fanboy but the thing is,gta 4 on ps3 sucked compared to the 360,360 has better framrates,much better AA,runs much better,razor sharp 720p gfx,ps3 version is a very very bad port believe me,it looks so poor,blurry,washed out,weak compared to the 360 version,even gun sounds has LAG,ALAISING ISSUES ALL OVER THE PLACE IT'S LIKE THE SCREEN IS FULL OF COOCKROACHES ,it's so poor and besides,360 has the awesome lost and damned,I bought the ps3 version believing ign first,I was shocked,gta 4 on ps3 is a technical mess,im not laying guys and THEN I bought the 360 version,start the game and BOOOM IT'S MUCH BETTER

in short,buying it on ps3 ends up saying "it sucks" and "oh n64 graphics"

I give gta 4 on ps3 7.5 to 8

on 360 9 to 9.5

gta 4 is amazing,don't buy it on ps3,R* did a very bad job with ps3,the rage engine ran and optimised first on 360(table tennis),that's why ps3 version was so poor,hope R* build the next gta on ps3

aldesko3390d ago

There definitely needs to be more stuff to do in the next HD GTA.. that's the only reason I played the older GTAs.

The gunplay also needs some major improvements. Looking at how good the gameplay is in open-world action games like prototype and infamous, there's no reason R* can't improve the gunplay to be more like Gears or Uncharted.

CaseyRyback_CPO3390d ago (Edited 3390d ago )

Make it like San Andreas/Saints Row? gta4 was an abortion. If gta4 had crysis graphics, it would still be boring compared to other titles. Including its own previous version.

Graphics were definitely not the issue for this game.


good call ape. I own both systems, though i will admit i like my 360 more.

I have 2 copies of gta4. one for the 360 and one on ps3 and i have had a few friends round just to look and compare them.

the issues you pointed out are indeed the case. though i would say the lighting is a bit more dynamic on the ps3, but lag, framerate drops, AA are all issues on the ps3 which are not on the 360.

its still a great game and yes i think the perfect game would be GTA vice city the size of san andreas with 100x more things to do and customize running in the gta 4 engine.

raztad3390d ago

As Casey stated above graphics definitely aren't the issue with this game. On the contrary, even if the PS3 is the weaker version, you just would be delighted with improvements in the graphics department after playing ps2 and psp gtas. GTAIV is just NOT fun. I think is the gear-like cover system (made the combat too slooooow) and the game took a too serious stance. I guess Rockstar tried a more mature storyline but mature doesn't mean no fun.

ape0073390d ago (Edited 3390d ago )

ps3 version cons spoils the taste of gameplay,it's not graphics,please understand me

It runs like a poor dull thing,ghosting\fuzzeness,feels 40% completed,feels poor

I can rather play gta lcs on psp instead of ps3 gta,massive tachnical issues cause to have a lair like experince which dumps down the gameplay,it makes u wanna puke

example,fear and orange box(both are amazing on pc\360) on ps3 both are actually unplayable and suck,like I said, massive technical issues dump the gameplay,I'd rather play a ps1 or n64 or a dreamcast or a GBA game that runs will instead of a horrible technical mess

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primordialmeme3390d ago (Edited 3390d ago )

Yes. GTA4 lacked variety in a bad way. GTA San Andreas was a masterpiece because it was a jack of all trades. There was so much to do in that game. The gameplay in GTA4 went back a few steps, there was nothing original and the game's legacy will suffer from this. We can only hope the next GTA will be better and Rockstar was just working out the kinks. GTA has always been a jack of all trades game. It needs variety. I want to fly planes, jump out of them, run streets, deal dope, and all sorts of things I haven't even thought of doing yet. Variety is what makes GTA a great concept.

Master-Baiter3389d ago

is it only primordialmeme that wants to leave a comment ABOUT THE ARTICLE?

I've played both versions.
On 360 the streets are empty compared to the PS3 and that's the most important thing - a functioning believable city.

GTA IV was two steps back to go one step forward
and Chinatown Wars is awesome!