NISA to unveil new PS3 RPG tomorrow

Nippon Ichi Software's American branch is set to reveal a new, unannounced PS3 RPG at a press event tomorrow. At past NISA events, the publisher has revealed games developed by Hit Maker, lending to speculation that the new game will be developed by Hit Maker as well. Recent trademarks filed by NIS also reveals the game may even be called "Last Rebellion".

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sonarus3184d ago

sigh more new games. I don't know which one i prefer DLC or new games:(

- Ghost of Sparta -3184d ago

Funny cheap shot there, sonarus.

Sky Zero3184d ago

Really? I could of swore I've seen that joke executed so many times.

What's different this time?

Did he take hours out of his day to think of it?


TheHater3184d ago

I will go with full games.

gauntletpython3184d ago

lol, I didn't even get the joke until I read the other comments.

sonarus3184d ago

cheap fanboy comments aren't really my style but i just had to considering 360 fanboys talking trash about PS3 not getting dlc. I probably won't get this game either way lol

ZuperAmazingCooKie3184d ago

That will eventually arrive on the competing platform


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Sky Zero3184d ago

Alteir Iris and Disgaea3 were the last 2 games I played from this dev.

Not really good but hopefully development time and the spark of at least trying to use technology in consoles will spawn a new RPG for the ps3.

But I'll hold my tongue until this announcement tomorrow.

MAiKU3184d ago

NIS america isn't really one of my favorite companies... i bought disgaea and still haven't finished it.

Their Depth in games and tediousness about it out weighs the overall balance in the gameplay, so it becomes more out of a chore to get "there" than normally with other standard rpgs.

Sky Zero3184d ago

That's alot of disagrees lol.

I doubt you guys have even played the games to see that they lack anything good.

Square Enix as far as an JRPG company has published better titles then these guys this gen.

And yes The Last Remnant even with its flaws is better then Disgaea3.

Because through the glitches and poor design TLR wasn't bad.

MAiKU3184d ago (Edited 3184d ago )

Those are from disagree drones, practically stupid.

My statement is an opinion, anyone with intelligence could've saw that. It's common really, you look back on a comment only to see that someone just went in and spammed a disagree with no statements.

The idiots must have thought i was an xbot.

I also have a stalker on this site who comes in and looks at all my comments and disagrees.

So i'll explain it for the simple folk. What i'm saying is that i don't really like their in depth system too much, i still enjoy their games alot as i do spend alot of times with rpgs. I just noticed it'll take me longer to get strong with some of the features which is why i still haven't beat disgaea3, i'm still playing it though morons.

shadowfox3184d ago

I just hope it's a mature RPG. No offense, but it seems like a lot of the recently announced JRPGs are brightly colored, light hearted games.

TheHater3184d ago

You need to play Demon Soul

gauntletpython3184d ago

Amen to that... they need to hurry up and bring that game over.

Darrius Cole3184d ago

Has Demon's Souls been released in the US?

Fishy Fingers3184d ago (Edited 3184d ago )

Import a copy, they have complete English voice work and text. Just make sure to get the correct version.

Japanese: Only Japanese language voicework, menus and text
Asian (Hong Kong/Singapore): Both full English and Chinese voicework, menus and text.
Asian (Korean): English voicework; Korean text and subtitles.

GVON3184d ago

I was going to say the same,getting mine from yesasia,they said it should ship on the 28th,hopefully.

arvfab3184d ago

Fishy, the Korean version (which I have) has english subtitles too!

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jBat173184d ago

and i didn't like it even though i love sjpgs..

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The story is too old to be commented.
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