No single-player demo for Bionic Commando

TVGB: "After getting a small taste of Bionic Commando's multiplayer portion with the recently released 360 demo, our bionic arms started itching for some campaign action but realized there hasn't really been any talk of a possible single-player demo. And turns out there's a very good reason for that; "There are currently no plans for a single player demo," a spokesperson for Capcom Europe told TVGB."

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Mike134nl3270d ago

shame the multiplayer demo was bad... really bad.
Was hoping a single player demo could convince me to buy this game.

Th3 Chr0nic3270d ago

yea i dont know why they evene released it without a tutorial. the loading screen does let you view the controls one button at a time BUT it is only visible for 5 seconds MAX....useless and deleted.....turned off from this game. good bye

mastiffchild3270d ago

I was wondering, the other day, why on earth they put out the MP demo when it's clearly plain bad. Now that they confirm there's no SP demo I think my feeling that the SP must just be worse is prolly on the money-it has to be pretty bad to hide it behind THAT MP!

MissingLink3270d ago

MP demo just made it quite apparent that the melee attacks were useless and swinging around made you an easy target for the people camping out at the top with the superior guns.