X-Men Origins: Wolverine - Final Review (PlanetXbox360)

Summer is all about blockbuster moves, and with those budget-busting films come a slew of video games based on said movies. When looking over the review scores of nearly all movie-games it was found that every single one of them falls below average, never meeting the expectations set by the movie's quality. Thankfully developer Raven Software and publisher Activision have changed everything, with the release of X-Men Origins: Wolverine, based on the movie of the same name. The first noticeable difference is the fact that the game has a hardcore M (Mature) rating. Wolverine includes a ton of blood and violence, where claws can cut through every part of the human body with precise execution. Everything is not perfect in the game but the developers did more right than they did wrong, and for that reason X-Men Origins: Wolverine is easily one of the best "movie-genre" games created.

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UltimaEnder3364d ago

It's a tough call between liking the movie or the video game more but for me I think I have to lean a bit more towards the movie, because of the way the story progressed (and the amazing Gambit scene). One major plus for the game over the movie though is the fact that it's mature rated, giving gamers the badass Wolverine that we have always wanted to see.....

Nice review!

Valkyrie833364d ago

I agree with the score, lots of sites/magazines were giving the game a lot of grief but I think for a movie-game it does so much right that it deserves somewhere around a 8-8.5.....nice job

Sky Zero3364d ago

I found the game more X-Menish.

Fighting Sentinel and meeting up with actual depictions of X Men characters.

In the movie Gambit didn't have that Creole accent like he has in the game.

I for one found the game more enjoyable and gritty than the movie.

But I won't spoil anything.

The ending CGI left me scratching my head....

Does the game take place in a different Marvel Universe?

UltimaEnder3364d ago

I'm pretty sure it's supposed to be the normal one, but I know what you mean about the the review says some things don't really fit in the plot progression!

PepperJack3364d ago

hope it's better than the movie, nice review

hoplo3364d ago

it seems like movie games just will never be great games. glad to see that this one is at least a solid game, nice review.

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