The Portable Gamer Review: iGem for iPhone

TPG writes: "There is nothing essentially wrong with iGem, there's just nothing that particularly enthused me either. It's all very standard affair that we've all seen countless times before. The controls are intuitive as games such as these perfectly lend themselves to iPhone controls, move the tiles with one finger and double tap to clear the shape. You can quit out to take a call and the game automatically saves where you were, everything you would expect really. It's just not very interesting though. "

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roblef3243d ago

Honestly, i don't need any more of these kinds of games. please stop making them

CrAppleton3243d ago

IDK.. there is a large portion of portable gamers that only play puzzlers

Neco5123243d ago

F*ck puzzle games, BORING!

CrAppleton3243d ago

Looks like another good puzzle game.. and another WIN for the iPhone

Neco5123243d ago

iPhone ROCKS! This game doesn't

Spolodaface3243d ago

I'm sorry but iPhone sucks.

Until I actually try one out or buy one my mind will remain unchanged.

supercharger51503243d ago

If you haven't even tried one out you can't say it sucks :/

supercharger51503243d ago

I do like how they mix it up with the BIG blocks, but yeah, it's all the same after a while.