Dissidia II Dependant On Western Sales

Dissidia was received extremely well in Japan, with it scoring well with critics and also posting very high sales figures. A few months ago Final Fantasy Union commented that Tetsuya Nomura said Dissidia II would happen if fans wanted it and at the time there was a lot of mystery shrouded around the comment as it was found in the Dissidia Ultimania guide.

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Selyah3062d ago

Interesting still want the first before thinking about sequels ^^ but its nice to see it could have its own niche.

mephman3062d ago

Well, I think there's plenty more they could do with the game.

ExcelKnight3062d ago

The game's a good start, but it does need polishing and some customization modes to make it more versatile for party players and restrictive for people who even want to make the game into a tournament game.

Anyway, the game has a definite buy from me if it has a UMD release in North America.

DNAgent3062d ago

I hope FF fanboys pirate the hell out of this game (FF13 too on the 360).

INehalemEXI3062d ago

I'm sold if you would sell it to me dagnabit.

Magnus3061d ago

You slap the name Final Fantasy on it in the west and it will sell so there will be a sequal for Dissidia

ExcelKnight3061d ago

How can they NOT put Final Fantasy in the game's name when it's basically a heroes mashup from the entire series?