There Could Be Up to a Million Chinese Gold Farmers

A new report on MMO gold farming claims that there are about 400,000 working in China on gold farming and trading, and that there could be as many as 500,000 to even a full million.

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Timesplitter143390d ago (Edited 3390d ago )

whatever makes them happy...

Awookie3390d ago

Happy? More like mindless zombies, they have to play so much

Panthers3390d ago

Wait, is this like a job? Do people actually pay real money for in game money? WTF!? Ive never played an MMO (but I will probably get that new KOTOR) but I mean come on, it is a game.

Tony240ZT3390d ago

Get out from under your rock.

Timesplitter143390d ago

Well some people earn 4 milion dollars a year for kicking balls into nets, so I guess it doesn't make much more sense

Max Power3390d ago

if they belong to guilds with each other so they can burn through instances and other quest much faster.

BRG90003390d ago (Edited 3390d ago )

Yeah I've been wondering how the farmers in WoW get their gold these days. There used to just be handfuls of rogues with chinese-sounding names hanging out at all the most lucrative mob spawns. I used to go to those places just to kill the farmers, always a fun sport. Now that daily quests are the best way to make money, do they have a bunch of characters that they run through 25 dailies with? I never see them just farming mobs anymore.

Lumbo3390d ago

"The yearly turnover for all these enterprises combined is estimated at over 10 billion US dollars. World of Warcraft players make up 70 per cent of this RMT activity"

It is funny how they throw around the big numbers, but fail the simple task of using a calculator to check the plausibility of these numbers.

If WOW is representing 70% of the money, then WOW represents 7 billion $ yearly turnover. WOW has 12 million active subscribers. To generate 7 billion $ turnover, each and every WOW player has to buy gold worth 533 USD every year. It is highly unlikely that more than 10% of WOW players actually BUY gold from the farmers. In that case each buyer had to buy wow gold worth $5300 a year. The whole idea is ridicules.

Sorry, but the numbers are clearly blown out of any proportions.

Phantom_T3390d ago

Who played Shadowbane understands just how badly they crave farming.
It was a pure-pvp town building guild running game.
And the Chinese "CN" took over a server JUST to farm.
Was awful,luckily an alliance was made on the other server to keep them off.

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