WoW: Fire and Brimstone Buffed for Patch 3.1.2

When patch 3.1 went live, Destruction warlocks (and 0/40/31s) had a lovely time smacking everything in sight with massive Conflagrates. This was promptly nerfed, for PvP purposes; the devs felt it was overpowered for 'locks to be able to do that much, that fast. However, it was acknowledged that Destro would need some PvE buffing to make up for it.

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Chris3993275d ago

So they can do a massive Conflagrate. They certainly can't Fear anymore. It breaks with any sort of damage and has several counters. They should call it "Startle", as there's nothing frightening about it.

Perhaps they should start working on the only class in the game that can:
- Heal
- Wear Plate
- Go invulnerable for periods of time while still being able to move/ attack

I think we all know what class I'm talking about. Unbalanced from Day One and the devs don't really seem to care.

sealava3274d ago

that class have nerfed and laughed at and called lol ret (retardadin)all the BC the same time locks were gods.
so just stop QQ .

Chris3993274d ago

They are probably the most nerfed class around, and the mitigations to fear have made them even weaker.

I've played every competitive MMO from DAOC to WAR to GW. And the pvp in WOW is simply unbalanced. It's a fact. 90% of the people who play the game would agree with that. And again, please tell me what other class has the same advantages as a paladin? Total immunity, flash healing, AOE? Yes, a skilled player can play any class well. And any player skilled or not can play a pally. You have to be TERRIBLE to die as a pally in PVP.

I'm not QQing, you clearly don't know what you're talking about.

LVL 80 BE Ret Pally
LVL 80 BE Affliciton Lock
LVL 80 Undead Mage

Been playing the game for 3 years now, I'm familiar with the mechanics. Read some theory-craft and educate yourself a little before you open your mouth again. Any time I want some massive pwnage, I switch over to my pally toon and solo a few towers in AV. Only time I have an issue is usually if about 4 or more players are bunkered down. The class is utterly OP. If you think that Ret Pallys are nerfed you're either not playing the game very well or you need to re-roll.