Gamerstek: InFamous Hands-On

Gamerstek: "Just about to be released in stores, something that will happen on May 29 in Europe, Gamerstek had access to a short playable demo, that despite of its short size, was able to give us an idea not only about plot but also about the root of the game, that is, gameplay and graphics."

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lh_swe3362d ago

I really hate the fact that every preview of this game tells you almost exactly the same thing, but at the same time I don't want any spoilers. Being this undecisive is killing me.

cryymoar3362d ago

i think it's because each publication makes a preview for their own site, not the whole internet or sites like N4G. I suppose they expect or need to expect that their site is the only site the visitors go to for video game news, so each one does their own preview, but usually just the same content as to NOT spoil anything.

lh_swe3362d ago

So there is only a handful of things that they can add that some other site didn't mention, but in all likely hood it won't be much different, besides all that I should need to heard is that its good and that I have to get it, which OPM already has said. Technically it wouldn't have mattered, even if this game got 7/10 i'd still buy it.