1 vs 100 Could Be Achievement Treasure Trove

Kotaku Writes: For Xbox Live Gold members playing Microsoft's next experiment, Achievement points - lots of them - will be free.

1 vs 100 has one thing in common with every other Xbox 360 game. The massively multiplayer Xbox 360 game show will have Achievements. And that means that even people who don't want to play it can mine it for Achievement Points.

There will be lots. We didn't win any when we tried the game, but we still got the good news about them for Achievement fiends.

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TheBrit3364d ago

I think this could be a whole new weekend get-away for gaming.

This seriously looks like it could be a ton of fun and with games and points for prizes? This could be a huge hit.

I know I cannot wait for it.

Disturbedrebel3364d ago

Points and Prizes...... IM GAME