Variety: Microsoft raping the wallets of loyal Gears fans

This July Microsoft is releasing a new collection of "Gears of Wars 2" add-on content (details here).

The retail version will include the Flashback, Snowblind, and Combustible map packs, which cost $5, $10, and $10, respectively, to download on Xbox Live, along with the new "Dark Corners" add-on, which has a new campaign chapter and seven multi-player maps. Cost: $20. A great deal.

But for gamers who already own those map packs, Microsoft is offering "Dark Corners" by itself for digital download. The cost: $20.


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CaseyRyback_CPO3391d ago

Dont complain about MS ripping you off.

La Chance3390d ago (Edited 3390d ago )

What a surprise guess who!

edit :I mean Im not surprised Caseyryback is the first to post in here.Couldnt let the opportunity pass by huh ?

thewhoopimen3390d ago

Microsoft! No need to guess!~

no-spin3390d ago (Edited 3390d ago )

MS proudly presents their exclusive content to its gamers, nicely done.
Who is complaining, after paying for online play one is capable of paying whatever is ask for anything.

I dont have the Gold membership, im in a personal vendetta on that issue


Some content like extra MP maps show the good about DLC, but many games are released half baked like the versus ripoff on RE5. Is up to the gamers to buy what is good and reject what is a rip off.

Any one here got the maps for KZ2? Are they good?

lociefer3390d ago

and the news is ? as i recall , m$ been doin this since they started live

dalibor3390d ago (Edited 3390d ago )

Gamers in general have been getting duped imo this generation. I only have a Ps3 but man so many flipping ad ons that seriously could be free or included in a 50gig Blu Ray disc! As a customer I have the choice of what to get & to me that is a way to "choose" what I feel like is a good deal. Wish there were coupons for add on content haha just like there is for groceries or resturaunts. Buy two add on contents get 1 free!! Yes I am aware that you can share add on content with other buddies w/a Ps3 but I like to support the developers.

pixelsword3390d ago

and if you by the product unwillingly and without reason you're not being raped, you're being stupid.

Rape is forcing yourself on to someone... and forcing someone to get the DLC would be doing things like

- re-adjusting the achievements/trophies to include the DLC so that if you don't get the DLC, you'll never get 100%. As far as I know, the GoW DLC doesn't do that, whereas to be fair Killzone 2 did do that via a update before the pack was even out. THAT forced people who may not have wanted to get the DLC and who wanted to get 100% trophies to get the DLC.

- adding something that would also fix bugs. No game yet had the chongs to do that, but I fear one day it will come.

- charging something that's been for free in every game since it came out. Resident Evil 5 did that by charging for their online mode and having a download for the game that's smaller than some pictures I've downloaded.

- charging for something that will complete the story. Again, as far as I know, I haven't run into anything that does that, but I don't doubt that it's coming.

edgeofblade3390d ago (Edited 3390d ago )

Dear god, it's SEVEN maps + a new chapter for the story. If you make that an even 8 items, that $2.50 per item. That's LESS than the $3 per map you paid for Killzone 2 maps just the other day.

So, read all about it! Sony rapes your wallet worse!

Bull-f'ing-sh*t. And Bull-f'ing-sh*t disagrees. You disagree with the straight numbers, you fail. The price is fair in the case of the DC pack, but it's a phenomenal value as the compilation. Are you really doing to b*tch and moan if someone got a better deal than you? Does that diminish your enjoyment?

ShabzS3390d ago (Edited 3390d ago )

so its not raping it consensual...

but its SEVEN MAPS and a CAMPAIGN CHAPTER... i think this price is justified

CaseyRyback_CPO3390d ago

with Brigadier Admiral LaChance at the helm.

I just said dont complain about Ms ripping u off. Thats all... I'm undoing my ways :)

pain777pas3390d ago

They've done this before I think with Forza or something I just don't remember. Who cares?

BattleAxe3390d ago

Variety never talks bad about MS..............looks like someone's gonna get fired.

chrisnick3390d ago

killzone doesn't force you to do jack....u can still get a platinum without getting the dlc, if you want 100% however, that's a different story but it is by no means a hindrance of you attaining the overall goal of the platinum.

FlameBaitGod3390d ago (Edited 3390d ago )

When hasn't MS robbed the costumer LOl i mean really ? 120 bucks for a 120 HDD, 100 bucks for the freaking power brick, we cant even play the freaking games we bought on XBL if we didn't have the money to pay for XBL that month

pixelsword3390d ago

here's my quote:

"re-adjusting the achievements/trophies to include the DLC so that if you don't get the DLC, you'll never get 100%. As far as I know, the GoW DLC doesn't do that, whereas to be fair Killzone 2 did do that via a update before the pack was even out. THAT forced people who may not have wanted to get the DLC and who wanted to get 100% trophies to get the DLC."

Where do you see platinum?

blind-reaper3390d ago


Like you at this post:

and you call PS3 fanboys hypocrits (in the same post)

IdleLeeSiuLung3390d ago

Haters will hate, but I'm glad we get extra content. You have a choice in buying retail or buying the DLC. Vote with your wallet, not your mouth cause nobody that matters cares!

Elven63390d ago

The added singleplayer alone is worth about 50-75% of that, besides this is them basically doing a "GOTY" type bundle digitally. Did people complain when the recent Civilization 4 bundle was announced?

Jaces3390d ago

M$ ripping loyal customers off....what's new?

UltraNova3390d ago

So you havent played the latest prince of persia? Not only they had the nerve to include the trophies of the DLC in the retail game but the story is also on the 'to be continued' boat. You're left with the Prince looking at you waiting for you to buy the DLC (the final chapter) to undo his fuk up (again mind you!)right before the supposed 'end' of the retail game...

And thats one of the reasons why i hate DLC. People who like DLC are people who like to be ripped off or like to pay 100 bucks for a full experience that could have easily be on the retail disc from the start (well if it fits into a certain products' format :P)

IaMs123390d ago

For me i see this as an awesome deal because i steered clear of all the Map Packs for gears. Reason i dunno it just feels they were not really needed but this has given me incentive to get it

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Sky Zero3391d ago

It's a special offer.

So of course there will be some special perks.

If a Fallout3 Special Edition were to release with all DLC would you expect it to be priced 59.99+ Broken Steele, Anchorage, Pitt DLC prices?


This article stinks with having nothing to say bullsh1t

Socomer 19793391d ago

now even variety's a$$ is a sore.

just wait... soon after they have healed they will beg for more, lol!!!!!!!

Socomer 19793391d ago


Backstabbed by variety ?

I think microsoft hasnt been using the company card very well and now has to take these people out on a date again.

give variety a massage and when they are comfy... pull off those panties and insert hard so they hurt so much they respect you for it.
it might be time to tell them you love em afterwards.

-MD-3390d ago

I've never had a laggy gears match...