Persona 4 Rise figure coming

Destructoid writes: "So far there have been toy releases of both the iconic Teddie and lovely Yukiko from Persona 4, but many of the game's rabid fans have expressed interest in seeing more collectibles of the characters (I'm waiting on a Yosuke and a Naoto myself). Akiba Hobby posted their first round of photo coverage from the Hobby Complex (Hobikon) 07 held in Tokyo, and among all the lovely PVC I spotted something very relevant to Persona 4 fans interest -- a beautiful figure of Rise!"

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Dimly3273d ago

It looks like a scene from the game!

Redempteur3272d ago

i want it too .... any price ?

Homicide3272d ago

No info on price or release date. According to the guy at the gamerlimit link, the Yukiko figure is hard to find, and he's not kidding. The only place I can find it is at ebay...over $150. Make sure you get hobbyfan or something.

Xandet3272d ago

That figure would be a perfect addition to the collection.. my Mitsuru figure has been alone for long enough!

RufustheSage3272d ago

This looks beary great!
But I seriously need that Teddie figure, he's what holds the game together for me.
The BearVP! HA HA!

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