Gaming's most memorable epidemics

GamesRadar writes:

"AW CRAP! We're all going to DIE! Or at least, some of us might, because people die. Here at GamesRadar, we're more worried about eye-strain than we are the ePIGdemic, but it's hard not to think about it a bit, especially with that glowing box in our living rooms telling us we all have loaded guns with hairpin triggers stuffed up our nostrils.

So in honor of the terrifying, extra-hyped disease of the month (which, thanks to the Great Irony Engine which powers this universe, your cocky writer will probably contract), we're counting down some of the most memorable videogame epidemics. These aren't all the big ones. We didn't forget Resident Evil or Left 4 Dead, we just chose not to include them. It's expected in those games. Instead, we chose games that didn't see it coming, or diseases that, for whatever reason, stuck with us as archetypes for germy death."

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