Prototype Gets Retailer-Dependent Pre-Order Goodies writes: "You can now pre-order Prototype and, while supplies last, receive a number of extra goodies depending on the retailer. So here is the rundown of what you can get:

Pre-Order from Amazon:
Receive the limited edition..."

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UnSelf3388d ago

unless it comes wit some sort of bonus. I live in NYC and there are hundreds of places that sells games days before their release dates

JelalTrueshot3388d ago

Its true and not to knock on my own submission, but they could have done so much more with that action figure.

pixelsword3388d ago

Other than that, there's not really an advantage for ordering early; as there hasn't been a title shortage this gen as far as I know.

-EvoAnubis-3388d ago

You have a M-rated (17 and up) violent action game, and you want to have a damned action figure as a pre-order bonus? Someone didn't think this through.

JelalTrueshot3388d ago

True, and if they were going to have an action figure, make it a good one at least. Why choose the boring human-looking guy and not one of those crazy creatures seen in trailers?

Sky Zero3388d ago (Edited 3388d ago )

At least there giving away something for Pre Ordering.

I rather an Action Figure then a piece of paper with a code on it I can't use until a month later.

They don't have to do this it's just one small part of marketing.

And my Vault Tec Bobble Head was the BEST Pre Order figure ever. And Fallout3 is mature right?

ThePoorman3388d ago

I appreciate getting the extra goodie too. The figure is not the coolest I have ever seen but I will take anything extra the game companies want to send me.

-EvoAnubis-3388d ago

The F3 bobble head was a direct reference to items that actually appeared in the game. Unless you mean to tell me that Alex in Prototype has a side mission to collect action figures of different characters in the game for in-game bonuses, then I'm not seeing your point.

sonarus3388d ago

Metal gear had action figures and so did resistance. Age has nothing to do with action figures imo its just a collectible item. That being said i have never pre ordered a game for an action figure. But i did pre order ninja gaiden for a shirt

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jakesplace03388d ago

Tryin to 1up infamous/uncharted beta huh! I dont think so Ill get the game but for those on the fence, they need to entice with somethin better


Cajun Chicken3388d ago

Oh, those are just TOO AWESOME. I hope these goodies turn up in UK preorders...Alex figure FTW.

SmokeyMcBear3388d ago

thats pretty cool.. actual physical media for a pre-order rather than a code... good luck with the game

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