The Conduit "Trouble in the Metro" trailer

SEGA has released a new gameplay video from The Conduit.

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TruthbeTold3307d ago

I can't get enough info and trailers of this game, and I can't wait for its release!

jacen10003307d ago

me either cant wait for this game the first true online shooter for wii with voice, this should be a great online multiplayer game. long overdue on the wii.

condorstrike3307d ago

was that a new alien? the one with the glowing spikes coming off it's back...reminded me of halo.

can't wait. but we have

Ryudo3306d ago

Achievement Unlock! Owning a Wii -90,000,000,000 gamer score!

Achievement Unlock! Played The Conduit +1 gamer score!

Think I will pass :/