Capcom's E3 line-up

TVGB: "Capcom has revealed the titles they'll be showing at E3 next month. No major surprises and no, the two mystery title are still marked as mystery titles. However one of them will be playable at the event. You can bet our E3-goers will be there to leave their fingerprints on the controllers."

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GiantEnemyCrab3308d ago (Edited 3308d ago )

I'm really hoping that Capcom release an LP2 demo like they did the first 360 E3.

"Dead Rising 2 (will be “behind closed doors”)"

Big surprise, Blue Castle/Capcom not confident in this title to show it publicly.

UnSelf3308d ago (Edited 3308d ago )

thatll be nice.

but im hoping one of the mystery titles is: MARVEL VS CAPCOM 3, WIT CHARACTERS SUCH AS:

All original 56 character return plus new additional like:

1. Bishop
2. Daredevil
3. NightCrawler
4. Dante
5. Viewtiful Joe
6. Beast
7. Dr. Strange
8. Wayne from LP
9. Guy from Gods Hand
10.Guy from Bionic Commando
11.Guy from Dead Rising

And the last master is: A super powerful "WWH" Hulk with the armor and his gang of brothers (forgot they name)

Same 2D smooth sprite high flying gameplay with new mechanics such as:

- ur assist character can now do a special as an assist move but it drains 2 bars

- assist characters can now help with air combos

- Nightcrawlers dashes and super jumps are teleportations

- 1 of Daredevils special is everything moves slower but him

- 1 of Dantes specials is he can transform to his devil form. And he has 3 other specials that activate a special fighting style: Trickster, Royalguard, Swordmaster or Gunslinger (like how the shotoken fighters activate their dark sides, not a timed one like Silver Samurais forms)

- 1 of Wayne's specials is he can get into one of his VS suits

- 3 on 3 tag team remains, but the stages are much longer

SullyDrake3308d ago

Here are my hopes:

- Dino Crisis (remake of first, or a true "3")
- Onimusha 5
- Resident Evil (PS360 remake)
- Resident Evil 6
- Dead Rising PS3

ThanatosDMC3308d ago

I agree, Dino Crisis "3" was just.. "what the ef?"

Imagine Dino Crisis 3/4 but plays like RE5 minus the tank controls.

Beast_Master3308d ago

I think one of the secret games will be Marvel vs Capcom 3. All the other games they have brought to Live and PSN have a Next Gen counter-part i.e. Bionic Commando and Street Fighter. The fans have been screaming for a new one and Capcom has been in a giving mood lately.

I personally hope they finally reveal a Nex-Gen Strider game. It would be hard to pull off but I could see them coming up with something to make that a fun experiance.

pain777pas3308d ago

Want to see more Dark Void and the mystery games of course.


im leaning more to Marvel vs Capcom

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DNAgent3308d ago

Looks like a pretty mediocre list of Crapcom's games + ports/remakes. I'm sure the announcements or what is playable at the booth is more ports/remakes.

Shadow Man3308d ago

all you do is b!tch about everything.

The_Devil_Hunter3308d ago

Hahaha WOW! Bubbles for you!

heyheyhey3308d ago

2 secret titles...

DMC5 and Onimusha 5 please :)

GameGambits3308d ago

It's funny to read your comment, because I was listening to a podcast once. In it and it was recently they had a sit down with Capcom employee's over different things. One thing that came up was one of the US Capcom employee's was there with the guy who did Marvel Vs. Capcom and was taking questions from fans. The fans were coming up with stuff like you and throwing out how their special moves and stuff could work. Literally he sat there I think they said for like an hour and at the end he said this:

"Have any of you ever developed a videogame?" When they all replied No. He just said, "That's what I thought." Then he left the room. LMAO.

UnSelf3308d ago

1. didnt he kno from jump that the ppl giving all their input WERENT devs?

2. If he did know, why would he sit there, and have a seemingly intelligent discussion with avid fans and then laugh at they face in the end, is this guy a prick?

3. Yeah, we're not devs, but before devs were devs werent they imaginers first?

4. Doesnt devs always browse forums to see what new ideas they can incorporate into their new titles?

5. Isnt everyone of my contributions legible and possible on todays platforms?

6. Did i misconstrue your post or was it just a redundant waste of a read? Seriously idk if ur agreeing wit me or tryna laugh at me. Please specific Morganfe....i mean zl...att...ko is it?

g8ks3308d ago

Devil May Cry 5

ThanatosDMC3308d ago

YEAH! Same here... DMC5 the real sequal to DMC3... they usually crap out on the even numbered DMC game... sad.

Mundus didnt die. Nero Angelo (Vergil) just dispersed in DMC1. Nero, better be erased from any form of DMC... I'm still pissed that they're saying he has Sparda's blood or something that's pissing on LDK's name.

The_Devil_Hunter3308d ago (Edited 3308d ago )

Yep just waitng on a good DMC game The last good one I played was DMC3.
& no Nero either, take his pu$$y a$$ out of here. The guys a joke to the series.

UnSelf3308d ago

I, like ya, am a very enthusiastic DMC player. I, also, like ya, hate what the general public did to Nero's character. Sayin hes of sparda's bloodline creeps me out. But i, unlike ya, feel he was a nice addition to the DMC universe. If they can fix his story and make him unrelated genetically, but relevant in another way then that'll do wonders. Maybe Nero's DT can be him summoning Sparda's spirit itself. So hes not necessarily his child but maybe Sparda's gateway

StephanieBBB3308d ago

If capcom pulls the same backtracking stunt again I know that it's one less sale for them to count.

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belal3308d ago

i want more info on wardevil.... that game looked promising!!

Guitardr853308d ago

Totally!!! Wardevil: enigma is a really interesting looking game. I really hope this hasn't turned to vapor-ware...Has there been any new news on this game lately?!?! Maybe this will be a surprise reveal for SONY (if it's still an exclusive).

Guitardr853307d ago

Why all the disagrees on Wardevil? Something I don't know about?

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