Top 10 Wii Titles We're Sick of Hearing Aboout

TWGNews writes: "Something that's awesome about video games and the internet is that people love to talk and talk about certain games. Over time, people have grown impatient (thanks a lot, cell phones!), and they need their information now. If no information is available, they speculate. If information is available, they hype. If a game releases, they rant. If a game is terrible, they whine. We here at TWGNEWS are sick of it! Here are the Top 10 Wii Titles that we're SICK of hearing about! Talk about something else, people!"

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Shnazzyone3363d ago

i'm tired of hearing about killzone 2, alan wake and many many hd games. But i don't need to make a terribly concieved top ten article about it. Is this person unfamiliar with how gaming media works? I remember bringing up super mario world well into the end of the 16 bit generation. Replay is replay and yes if there is title people are excited about... their gonna talk about it. This author is just another whiner.

Personally I love hearing about the conduit and it makes me happy. Apparently this guy wqasn't around to hear the two years of hype that killzone 2 got before it's release. Kinda puts the last 3 months of excitemnt for conduit a bit into perspective.

TriforceLightning3363d ago (Edited 3363d ago )

If everybody online spoke in so many half truths as this guy we would never actually enjoy games.These titles deserve their hype and praise.I believe what we have witnessed here is jaded gamer journalism.Worst then Swine Flu it is.Somebody needs a hug.Wii love you even though your parents never did.

TriforceLightning3363d ago

He should be hung by his journalistic credentials.A rope that would break due to the lack of said credentials.

jp21233363d ago

At the ends he has a disclaimer... I think it was more for fun than an actual serious top ten about hype in games...

xabmol3363d ago

The one game that came with the damn console is still one of the best damn games on the console. Wii bowling only goes so far man. Outside of the occasional party, I shutter at "Hey wanna play Wii bowling."

Also Wii Fit... I am not a 40 year old women with a weight problem.

TruthbeTold3363d ago

That's been talked about as much as GTA 4, Killzone 2, Halo 3, etc. Super Mario Galaxy won game of the year 2 years ago and even it wasn't talked about as much as the average "highly anticipated" HD console title. You can be sick of hearing about these games all you want, but you obviously aren't sick of the idea of games being overhyped unless they are Wii games.

In Ace Ventura voice: "Excuse me... Your bias is showing"

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