Qore Episode 12 – Featuring Batman: Arkham Asylum, DiRT 2, Ghostbusters and Euphoria

Kevin Furuichi on Official PlayStation Blog:

"If you're interested in busting the Joker, busting a tire, busting ghosts or busting a tackle, we've got you covered this month! We're also excited to announce that Qore annual subscribers are invited to the upcoming Uncharted 2: Among Thieves multiplayer Beta (see details below)."

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WildArmed3390d ago

Annual qore = beta.
Great! looking forward to it

- Ghost of Sparta -3390d ago

Sweet episode indeed. Looks like I'll be receiving two Uncharted 2 betas.

CaseyRyback_CPO3390d ago

Not that I dont want in, but I just want to get that fresh feeling when playing for the first time.

Over previewing/hyping has killed games before for me. So this one is on the low burner, but i cant f`ing wait.

Genesis53390d ago

I subscribed to Qore because I like it. Veronica Belmont is a real cutie. The free stuff and early demos is a nice bonus too.

T-What3390d ago

Genesis5 - I also got the annual subscription because I thought Veronica was a hottie (I'd make baby's with her, lol)

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DeforMAKulizer3390d ago


WildArmed3390d ago

i love the old school avatar

DeforMAKulizer3390d ago

Thanks hehe... My friends always say i look like dexter, and i just can't get bored of the TV series =D

WildArmed3390d ago

If ur also smart as Dexter. wow the world is in trouble.
You got an Mandark friends? lol

DeforMAKulizer3390d ago

Hehe you can say that... And i also have a deedee-like friend hehe...
The world should fear me MUAHAHAHA!!! Ok not so much but im bored :P

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Socomer 19793390d ago

Its early but goddam the ps3 has quite a few contenders for game of the decade!
its going to be all sony again sweeping up the awards that matter...
to... whoever they matter to.

So far, im hoping infamous gets many nods in its direction.
wow, i feel blessed.

raztad3390d ago

heheheheheh, you right, but you know what will be funny? to see a lot of reviewers dodging sony's exclusives to give GOTY to some multiplat.

inFAMOUS is, not kidding, my most expected game this year.