GameSpot: 1 vs. 100 Hands-On

Trivia games are moving to a whole new level with Microsoft's 1 vs. 100 on Xbox Live. Microsoft decided to host a live show, currently in its pilot season, from Redmond, Washington, while journalists and other participants gathered in Los Angeles and San Francisco to play as the one or the 100. GameSpot gathered at a local hotel in San Francisco and tuned in to the live gameshow, hosted by Emmy Award-winner Chris Cashman. Cashman's experience in television and radio certainly brought forth an energetic and exciting vibe, as if you were really watching a gameshow. The only difference is that instead of watching overly excited people bouncing around on stage, they saw their own avatars waving wildly, dancing, and doing arm pumps.

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panasonic233184d ago

this game gonna be awesome with the motion sensor.

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