GameSpot: Fuel Updated Hands-On

There's something to be said for making a large-scale off-road racing game topical by invoking the potentially disastrous effects of global warming on an environment and the chaotic weather that ensues. Although this might initially seem like a narrative crutch to explain why there isn't much civilian traffic in Fuel's massive expanse of open-world land (5,000 square miles loosely based on the Pacific Northwest), drastic shifts in weather patterns play an important role in some races.

In fact, one of the earliest races available on the map essentially pits your muscle car against a series of tornados that not only wreak havoc on your vehicle, but on surrounding objects in the environment as well, including massive power lines that come crashing down on the track. In another race, a massive dust storm sweeps through the landscape, limiting your field of view, which in turn makes shortcuts off of the beaten path a riskier proposition.

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