Sony tests download delivery with new PSP game

From the Globe and Mail:

"...Patapon 2 would seem to be an experiment designed to test the viability of a download-only delivery model. To be sure, Sony--as well as Microsoft and Nintendo-have been offering downloadable game software for a few years now via their online stores. However, with very few exceptions--such as last year's Siren: Blood Curse (a 10-gigabyte zombie horror game released in three discrete chunks for a total of $45) for PlayStation 3--most of the titles available through these services are small and short; casual games not meant to satisfy a player looking for the next Halo, Killzone, or even Mario game. Patapon 2, though by no means giant, is one of the first games released solely via download for a console or handheld gaming system that normally would have been distributed through traditional retail channels.

The appeal of the download delivery model to game publishers should be obvious. For starters, it eliminates the manufacturing costs associated with producing discs, print materials, and packaging. It also cuts out expenses that go along with distributing product through brick-and-mortar retailers. And with no hard copies, players can't resell their games--a practice that game publishers claim eats deeply into their profits every year (Microsoft, for example, not only gets no cut when a store such as EB Games sells a previously-owned copy of Halo 3, but also loses revenue from customers who would potentially have bought the game new had no used copies been available).

The benefits for the consumer are less clear..."

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locos853360d ago (Edited 3360d ago )

Benefits for the consumer are not having to carry around all those damn UMDs. I am more than happy if they make all PSP games downloadable. I don't care about selling them to gamestop either since they give you crap for your trade ins.

1 problem I have with this article is that it makes it seem like they are testing this for big console games. This is just what Sony will do from now on with their PSP Go! games. This is no indication of what would happen if they made full games donload only. I would not buy full PS3 or 360 game via Digital downloads.

Solbadguy3360d ago

They should just have them both on UMD and DD release at the same time.

PSP23360d ago

sony save a lot of money going digital only patapon 2 wasnt meant to be successful they were just trying to see how it would work being released digitally only

SinnedNogara3360d ago

So Sony sold a empty case with a code to download a game. Imagine the people who don't have Internet, and buy a empty case and say "WTF is this??". Also it is a waste of money to just sell a empty case.