Indiana Jones' new Wii game: An exclusive look

Sure, 2008 was a banner year for Indiana Jones fans, but Kingdom of the Crystal Skull was, to put it kindly, the fourth best Indy film, and Lego Indiana Jones was a cute rehash of the original trilogy that skewed toward the younger set. Redemption may be just around the corner: This summer LucasArts whips up Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings, a brand new adventure on the Wii.

Releasing on June 9, this game has a serpentine backstory. It started out in 2006 as a next-gen Xbox 360/PS3 game powered by a new 3D technology called Euphoria. The demo I saw showed a fight sequence with Indy atop a moving cable car in San Francisco. It looked tantalizing but that game was canceled; LucasArts officially says it was a "strategic business decision" to stop work on the title. The project eventually evolved into Staff of Kings, which includes bits from the more advanced PS3/Xbox 360 version (including the cable car scene) but runs on the less powerful Wii console.

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