GameSpot: Killzone 2 DLC Impressions - Steel & Titanium Pack

The Steel & Titanium Pack delivers two new multiplayer maps for Killzone 2 for the price of $5.99. The new maps, Wasteland Bullet and Vekta Cruiser, take place on a pair of speeding freight trains and a massive airship, respectively. While both maps nail the chaotic, war-torn atmosphere of Killzone 2, they are a bit more constricted than most of the other multiplayer maps. Each one is full of long corridors and small to midsize rooms that encourage intense, close-range firefights and prolonged battles for key chokepoints. The action is fast and furious, but it also feels a bit strategically limited due to the smaller layouts. A few unique touches help flesh things out, and jumping between trains in Wasteland Bullet is a thrill in and of itself. With a handful of new trophies to round it out, the Steel & Titanium Pack is a no-brainer for folks who still play Killzone 2 online regularly. If you haven't gone back to Helghan in a while and want a more detailed analysis of the pack, read on.

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cryymoar3394d ago

The Train level is extremely surreal.
You've gotta watch out though, the environment will kill you if you're at the wrong place at the wrong time.
I've never seen anything like it.
It's like I expect the game to lag because it looks so beautiful and as if it's hard to render, but the PS3 handles it like a champ.

Kleptic3394d ago

yeah its easily best looking multiplayer environment i've ever been in...I can't believe that even after 2 months the game hasn't lost any of its assault on the eyes...nothing else is even close yet...

its annoying though...a lot of kids hate it because you can die by no fault of your own...I like the train more than the cruiser...mostly because the cruiser is so bright and different every other map, my eyes play tricks on me when looking for the enemy...especially when the enemy is ISA...their blue lights and white/gray clothes blend in with everything...

both maps are a bit much with 32 players though...24, like every other map save rise and the market, is definitely the sweet spot...24 players on the train gets absolutely awesome, but still completely manageable...

UnSelf3394d ago

The maps were awesome, and the price justifiable. what gets to me however is the tax on everything i pay for from the PS store. i actally heard there are some places in the US that dat doesnt even charge u tax on the PS store

Socomer 19793394d ago

but you guys gotta admit we could have gotten them for free. weve done alot of supporting and im not trying to be a bastard and all but free is good.

i was kinda of expecting some weapons from killzone 1 to make it in.
oh well, theres always next time. vetka cruiser is my favorite. Both maps feel like a escape to survive.