The new Kindle's big innovation: A higher price

VentureBeat: As expected, Amazon announced a new version of its Kindle eBook reader today, with a larger screen for reading newspapers and textbooks. It's also not surprising that the larger device carries a bigger price tag, but that didn't stop my eyes from widening a bit when I saw the Kindle DX will cost $489.

That's right, the new Kindle will cost almost $500. That's about $200 more than an Xbox 360. Granted, the price isn't that much of a jump from the standard Kindle, which at $359 already feels pretty steep, but which is nonetheless selling faster than expected. Still, I love to read and all, and I love newspapers, but there's no way I'm spending that kind of money just so I can see The New York Times on a big screen. And that doesn't even get into the question of whether readers really need the bigger screen - that makes sense if you're trying to parse (and make electronic notes on) a textbook full of complicated diagrams, but I'm not sure readers who have gotten used to finding their news on websites and RSS feeds care about the size.

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