Secrets of Multiplatform Data Baking

In this technical article, originally printed in Game Developer magazine late last year, veteran game programmer Llopis continues his look at data baking by examining how different console and PC game platforms treat data in memory.

Noel Llopis @ Gamasutra: "Baking is often described as precision cooking. Unlike boiling spaghetti or simmering a stew, baking usually requires a very particular ratio of ingredients, precise directions, and an exact time and temperature in the oven. If any of those parts changes, the overall result will be affected, often in not very pleasant ways.

The same is the case with data baking. In last month's column, I covered the basics of data baking, from the time data is exported from the content-creation tool, to the time it makes it into the game.

What I didn't discuss was that different target platforms often have different in-memory formats. If the memory image created by the baking process is off even by a single bit somewhere, the result is usually completely unusable data."

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