Fansite-Exclusive StarCraft II Developer Chris Sigaty Interview

With the announcement of the new StarCraft II Opt-in changes, Blizzard also supplied selected fansites with an exclusive interview with Chris Sigaty.

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thetamer3242d ago

Awesome. I love this bass playing, RTS fighting girl-man!

Leord3242d ago

"In the upcoming months"... does that mean beta will take for ever yet?

Cogo3242d ago

It probably just means that they are going to continue opt-ins throughout the beta period. The beta can't be montsh from starting...

kuangtu3242d ago

so much it really starting soon or it's another wave of "nothing-real-follows&quo t;

SCFreelancer3242d ago

I certainly hope not! Lets begin..

Cogo3242d ago

As I said, I'd image it's soon, if they started this now. This is effectively the real opt-in start, even if it started ages ago.

JonahNL3242d ago

Great interview. I'm hoping all this news means the beta is coming soon, that would be awesome!

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