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lh_swe3358d ago

I hope it turns out the way I hope. (fingers crossed)

Montrealien3357d ago

As long as the music and the feel of a good old spaghetti western is there, I will be a happy cowboy.

Brixxer6003358d ago

I'm hoping that this is an open world free roam game , GTA meets The Good the Bad and the Ugly , would be the ultimate combination. Play a bit of Ennio Morricone in the background just to set the scene perfectly.


I hope for open world too, but Red Dead Revolver was so good linear or open world this game should rock.

I was acting like a cowboy for mnths after the first one ! lol

Does anyone know when this is coming out ???

panasonic233358d ago

come on rockstar make clint eastwood a dlc character.

Brixxer6003358d ago

Make that Clint , Lee Van Cleef , Gian Maria Volonte (Indio), Eli Wallach (Tuco) , you could also add Charles Bronson (Harmonica Man) , once upon a time in the west (Pure classic)

panasonic233358d ago (Edited 3358d ago )

see this what happen when an sony slave piss off an xbot in the wild wild west.

i like how the xbot owned that sony slave.

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